True Confession Tuesday: I Still Miss Her

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: I still miss her.

Warning – if you are prone to crying – keep tissues nearby.

April 4th. The day my soulmate told me it was time for her to take a trip over the rainbow bridge. 

I still miss her. Every day. But life does go on.


Through this experience I learned that if you open your heart – more dog cuddles, snuggles, love, and crazy can be waiting for you!



This crazy dog also known as Toula or “Bat-Pig” seemed to waiting for me. She was rescued by an amazing organization called Spot’s Last Stop Rescue and brought to Minnesota after her time in a shelter in Alabama.

But before that, they think she was a stray/wild dog. She came in with severe mange and was really sick. Even more incredible was that she was in a kill shelter and the woman who was supposed to do it, just couldn’t do it. She said there was something so special about this dog.


I couldn’t agree more. 


Photos are a little fuzzy, but you’ll get the point.



She has brought laughter, humor, love, snuggles, and crazy ninja couch jumping tricks into my life. She loves Mia (the 10 year old lab). And she greets me AT the door with jumps, spins, cries of happiness, and excitement.

The best part about Toula is she knows she was given one last chance at life and she is grateful every day. She looks at me with gratitude, love, and pure joy EVERY DAY. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone for a long day or if she doesn’t like the food I feed her, she is grateful.

I still miss Rio. I always will. She was my first dog and she was the one there for me as I navigated a move to the big city, my first job, the rest of my 20’s, and she even stuck around to see me through my first year of business ownership. (Funny that April 1st is my business birthday and she went over the bridge on April 4th).

As much as I miss Rio, I also love Toula (and Mia – duh!). I wondered if I could love another dog as much as Rio. The answer is yes. It took awhile, but yes.

I have started to see so much of Rio come out in Toula. The way she sits by the stove as I cook waiting for all the food to fall and the way she sits on the bed and looks out the window and so much more.

I still think of Rio often but with so much love instead of sadness. I am so grateful that Toula was there, waiting to be rescued and loved.

I hope that if you have had a loss in your life, you can open up your heart to the possibility of more love. 

On this day, April 4th, I celebrate the 10 amazing years I had with Rio. I would be honored if you would read the blog I wrote for her last year. 

You can find it here. 

Hug your pups today!



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