Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. An important reminder for the new year.

An Important New Year’s Reminder

By Lindsey Heiserman / January 9, 2023

An important reminder as you walk into the new year. Whether you are a person who loves the “fresh start” feeling of the new year or you don’t pay much attention to it, this reminder is for you. During the Life Adventure Collective January workshop all about identity based goals, I paused in the middle…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

Why is there always a piece missing?

By Lindsey Heiserman / September 15, 2022

Why is there always one piece missing?  Seriously. I love puzzles and it seems like I can never get through a full puzzle without misplacing ONE PIECE. *insert life and puzzle analogy here* BUT really. I do love puzzles. And recently I have had a big revelation about a missing piece for my business.  It’s…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching, 7 Lessons in 7 Years of Business

7 Lessons From 7 Years in Business

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 28, 2022

March 31, 2015 was the last day I walked out of the gym I had called home for 9 years. The gym where I had so much angst, frustration, anger, hurt and also happiness, laughter,  friendships, and learning.   When it comes to defining moments in life, they say you’ll remember where you were, what…

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Tough Mudder 2011 - Lindsey Heiserman

Tough Mudder and the question “Want to do that crazy mud run thing with me?”

By Lindsey Heiserman / June 23, 2021

  Some version of this question is how I, and most people, end up at the start line of a Tough Mudder. A friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor or a person at your networking group (that’s me) invites you to come along. Then one day you find yourself in the start chute wondering if you…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Season 2, Episode 20

You Are Doing Too Much….AND….Too Little

By Lindsey Heiserman / May 24, 2021

When you are starting, creating and growing your fitness business – you are very familiar with this feeling. The overwhelm. You’re trying to do all the things. Your head is spinning every day trying to keep up and you end up doing half or none of the things. Creating and building a business, especially in…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview with Jasmine Braxton - Elevating the Personal Training Industry

Elevating the Personal Training Industry – Interview with Jasmine Braxton

By Lindsey Heiserman / May 3, 2021

What do you think of when you hear “personal training industry?” I have so many thoughts about our industry and my guest this week Jasmine Braxton has a BIG mission to elevate the personal training industry. I am so here for it.     Gyms who did not pay us for our work Not knowing…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching - 6 Year Business Anniversary Celebration

6 Lessons From 6 Years in Business

By Lindsey Heiserman / April 6, 2021

There is no other choice.    I still remember so vividly sitting in a windowless room when it hit me.    I no longer fit in the box. My ideas were too big and not valued. I would not be able to support a corporate mission. I wanted time and choice freedom in my life.…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - My Personal and Professional Love Affair with Peloton

Peloton – My Personal and Professional Love Affair and 3 Important Business Lessons

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 25, 2021

It happened to me – the Peloton FOMO. Has it happened to you?? Pre-pandemic life I would boldly proclaim that I was NOT a “work out at home” type of person. I always thought I wanted/needed/had to go to the gym for a work out. Pandemic life taught me otherwise. Maybe you too? Do you…

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“I can help you get 5-8 HIGH PAYING clients a month” is the DIET CULTURE of business.

By Lindsey Heiserman / January 27, 2021

Diet culture is in full force now in the new year. Lose 10 lbs, exercise 5x/week, join our gym and ALL OF YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE. Or not. It’s taken me a long time to grow on my own journey to realize that thinness and the promises diet culture bring, won’t actually bring me…

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Sara Kettering: When a Parent Dies

Interview With Sara Kettering: Death of A Parent

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 10, 2020

Death of a parent. What to do when a parent dies? What to do when a parent is going to die and you’re only 23 years old? How to handle the prolonged grief? How to live your life as a young 20 something with a dying parent? I am so honored and excited to share…

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