What’s Your Burger of the Month?? (Episode 114)

My Burger

I am an official member of the BOM Squad. What is that you ask? It’s the Burger of the Month Squad. As funny as this may seem, I am really proud of that t-shirt and the accomplishment. (Shout out to My Burger for their awesome Burger of the Month Club). Here’s why. It takes a…

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Why Do We Talk to Ourselves This Way? (Episode 113)

Stop saying mean things to yourself, about yourself

Yesterday at my business networking meeting we played a game. Everyone gets 60 seconds to give a commercial, ask for the kind of referral they are looking for, and basically advertise for their business. What happens a lot during those 60 seconds is people will use the phrases “I’m looking for somebody who……” “A good referral…

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The Problem With “Before/After”


It’s that time of year when you start seeing before and after photos popping up everywhere. And believe me – I am all for including health, fitness, getting strong, eating healthier and wellness into your resolutions. However I think before/after photos can be very misleading.  The other day someone posted on social media about the…

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Episode 112 – Molly King – Dry Needling and Female Training

Molly King

Have you tried dry needling?? I had not but I was intrigued and really excited to talk with Molly King of Inspired Athletx. Molly joined Inspired this past fall and brings many unique skill sets and insights. You can also listen back to Episode 5 and hear Dr Grant Nordland talk about starting Inspired Athletx and…

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When Your Car Dies at Christmas

Adventures of Eleanor

Well crap. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Ho Ho Ho. As we were driving back to Iowa the Saturday before Christmas, my car decided it was time to die. So many swear words were spoken, tears were shed and I was angry. But let’s back up the story a little bit. Eleanor the Element came into…

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