5 Ways to Grow Your Business This Summer

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - 5 Ways to Grow Your Business This Summer

5 ways to grow your business this summer. In the health and fitness world, business can feel like (and sometimes really does) slow down in the summer with clients on vacation, kid schedules and clients not really ready/willing to commit. I always saw a surge in clients in the beginning of September – is this true…

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You Are Doing Too Much….AND….Too Little

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Season 2, Episode 20

When you are starting, creating and growing your fitness business – you are very familiar with this feeling. The overwhelm. You’re trying to do all the things. Your head is spinning every day trying to keep up and you end up doing half or none of the things. Creating and building a business, especially in…

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Personal and Professional Languishing

Personal and Professional Languishing - Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast

Are you languishing? How are YOU doing? And how are you coaching your clients?   I have felt off for awhile. Maybe you too? Not depressed, not overly anxious, just off. I chalked it up to a year post start of the pandemic, a carry over of emotions, a build up of sadness, or really…

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6 Lessons From 6 Years in Business

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching - 6 Year Business Anniversary Celebration

There is no other choice.    I still remember so vividly sitting in a windowless room when it hit me.    I no longer fit in the box. My ideas were too big and not valued. I would not be able to support a corporate mission. I wanted time and choice freedom in my life.…

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