Are You Overlooking the Important Things?

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Season 5, Episode 19 "Are You Overlooking the Important Things?"

There were many years of my life that a work out wasn’t “worth it” if it wasn’t at least a 3 mile run or minimum 60 minutes in the gym. It seemed like it was a waste of time to get started and then “not do much.” Call it age, maturity, reflection, experience or whatever…

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Goal Setting Gone Wrong

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Goal Setting Gone Wrong

Goal setting can often go wrong. We are often taught to set “SMART” goals and while those are great…….it still leaves a lot to be desired. When I was doing my business year review and podcast, I re-read my 7 year business review and found goals I had set for myself. I was shocked because…

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