Fitness & Wellness Business (FWB) Mentorship Group Coaching

Growing your fitness and wellness business can be overwhelming AND exciting.

You are incredible at what you do, but building a business is not something you were taught.

You got the appropriate certifications, dialed up your passion and now - you realize that building a business is entirely its own beast. And you didn't get a business degree. Now what???

Who is FWB Mentorship for?


This program is for you if:


  • You feel stuck and frustrated in your business


  • You have taken endless webinars, master classes and you still aren't making progress


  • You desire a personal support system for YOU and your business


  • You are making less money than you want to be


  • You've been burned by other business coaches before


  • You know where you want to go and what you want to do but you just aren't doing it


  • You've had success in your business and also want to make a plan for the future


  • Frankly you're tired of your own bullshit.
Lindsey Heiserman Coaching


Can we be honest for a minute here?

My main hopes for you are:

  • You can get up and down off the toilet for the rest of your life.
  • That you don't have to think twice about going down to the floor because you're worried about getting back up.
  • You feel strong going up and down stairs.
  • You can hike and be outside with ease and endurance.
  • That you learn how to do a push up.
  • You understand the basic fundamentals of moving your body.


The one about the toilet is my #1 main goal- for real.


Personal training with me is centered around learning the basics of movement and how your body works, how to get stronger and that you have FUN while you're doing it.

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Do you ever get the feeling where you are in a state of overwhelm and the world seems to be going on "around" you?

Something feels "off" but you don't know quite what it is?

Or you can't seem to move towards any or all of the goals you set for yourself?


These are just a few of the reasons clients have come to me to get started with life coaching.

They want more out of life and know there's a block somewhere.


Life coaching is a place where you can say what you want to say without judgement. You can unload some of the burden you've been carrying and together we will put the pieces together so you can move forward.

You also have to be willing to do the work. It's not a 1-way street where I do all the work and you benefit. And no one ever said it would be easy.

I can however promise that it will be worth it.

Life coaching is very individualized so fill out the form below and we'll connect about what will be the best fit for you.



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HI! This is me. I am a speaker, workshop leader, and life coach.


ALSO ME - a personal trainer and lover of the gym.

24 Hour Obstacle Course Racing and Lessons About Life

Most of the time (except in 2020) you can find me obstacle course racing for 24 hours, ninja training and having fun in the mud all over the country.