Why book me as a speaker for your next event???

I am a powerful speaker and I have a unique style of speaking that engages the audience through storytelling. Hear what a few people are saying.


I love to tell stories. Whether I am leading a workshop, giving a keynote speech, or talking to a group of teenagers - I use my gift of storytelling to weave the themes together. Who doesn't want to hear about the time I gave myself a black eye jumping off a 40 ft cliff or couldn't finish the mile in the 4th grade? Effective storytelling creates connection between the speaker and the audience.


I have always been a cheerleader (not the type on the sidelines of a sport) but the type who constantly brings out the best in others. All of my speeches and workshops will leave the audience motivated to challenge themselves and take action in their life.


I believe in engaging the audience in all of my work. Humans are all deeply connected and I bring that to the audience when I talk.


Keynotes and Workshops

"Goals - Why We Constantly Fail Our Goals"

Have you ever set a goal and not met it? Beat yourself up for failing to achieve it (again!). Me too. It's also not as easy as making a S.M.A.R.T. goal. There is a deeper reason and a way to make your goals clear, manageable, and achievable.

In this talk we will:

  • Break down your (unmet and met) goals
  • Uncover all the reasons, excuses, and roadblocks for not achieving them
  • Create goals that actually matter
  • Learn a strategy that can be used anytime to create goals that will get accomplished

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"STRESS. The Buzzword That Tells Us Nothing."

How many times have you said "I'M STRESSED"? Most of us do it all the time. But have you ever uncovered what your stress is? Where it comes from? Or created any realistic strategies to handle your stress? And determined alternative wording to use instead of STRESSED.

In this talk we will:

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Motivational Speaker

"Chasing of the Athlete"

My most personal talk where I share my journey of chasing what I thought would make my life complete. My journey is about the chasing of being an athlete, wanting so desperately to be a certain body image and size and weight on the scale. Over the course of a couple of decades, I have been able to find peace and joy in my current body, my imperfections and be proud of all of my accomplishments.

In this talk we will:

  • Share my struggles about weight, body image and confidence
  • Discuss how I worked through them (and continue to do so)
  • Include hilarious stories from obstacle racing and ninja training
  • Empower you to dig deep into who you truly are when you aren't "chasing"

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"24 Hour Obstacle Racing - What Running Around in Circles Taught Me About Life and Business"

Outside of my work, I am very passionate about obstacle course racing and spend most of my free time either training or traveling to races. My favorite event every year is a 24 hour obstacle course race and the first time I did this event, it taught me more about myself, life and business than I could have ever imagined.

In this talk we will:

  • Share my stories from the mud and desert.
  • Talk about the lessons I learned from standing on top of a 40 foot cliff jump at midnight.
  • Blend stories of frostbite and 32 degree water at 3am to life and business.
  • Entertain the audience with humor, heart, and a great message.

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full size out put

This picture has quite the funny story - I will be sure to share it during the presentation.


I look forward to sharing my story, engaging your audience and making an impact.

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching