Episode 62 – Interview with Robyn Baldwin – Living An Alpha Female Life

Welcome to the second episode in our Women’s Health Series.

This week we get to chat with Robyn Baldwin and I first “met” Robyn when I found her podcast The Alpha Female Podcast. The show highlights women who are strong, empowering and doing big things in life. What I loved about it was each guest was confident, took charge of their health, and was creating a life that they desired.

In addition to the great guests, Robyn frequently opens up about her own health struggles and how she really became an advocate for her health. When met with an MS diagnosis she put together many of the pieces of her own puzzle. Her ability to stay positive throughout and to keep learning and growing is inspiring.

I truly believe that we have to be our own health advocates and be able to tune into our bodies. Lori’s story from last week and Robyn’s are great examples of how to do that. Instead of taking a diagnosis for face value, they both leaned in, started learning more about themselves and how to not only get better but to thrive and share what they have learned with others.


More about Robyn:


Robyn Baldwin is an Alpha Female and a Work / Life Harmony Strategist.  Robyn is a full-time Marketing Manager, a fitness/lifestyle blogger at RobynBaldwin.com, a Kobo best selling author, a podcaster of the Alpha Female Podcast and passionate Essential Oil Educator. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December of 2014 she’s become an MS Warrior and is grateful that MS teaches her daily how to be more proactive with her health and thus in turn shares tips & tricks with those around her. She also loves running, weight lifting, obstacle course races, yoga and making seasonal bucket lists.

Robyn is also very passionate about Essential Oils and has gifted us a cheat sheet where she shares her Top 10 Ways To Use Essential Oils at bit.ly/oilcheatsheet.

You can also find Robyn’s Book: Love Lost, Life Found at


“Robyn Baldwin, a self-branded Alpha Female appeared to have everything going for her. A great job, a fiancé, a wedding on the horizon until it all came crashing down. In 2012, Robyn found herself in an incredibly toxic relationship. She called off her wedding one month before the big date and saw her world tumbling around her. In months & years to come she’s learned practical steps to heal a broken heart, discover self-love and find a life she absolutely loves.”


Website: http://robynbaldwin.com

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