Episode 61 – Interview with Lori Paul – Women’s Health Series – 3 Tips To Build Confidence When Dealing With Transitional Changes

I hope you loved our ninja series and interviews with some incredible ninja athletes.  (If you  missed any – head to the archives for Roo Yori “K9 Ninja”, Sara Schoback “Ninja of the North” and Sara Heesen “Beastin Heesen.”  For the next few weeks we are going to shift our focus to women’s health and I have some crazy stories of resiliency that I know will inspire you to take charge of your own health and be your own advocate.

You’ll never guess where I met today’s guest –  a networking group! I decided about a year ago in my business that I needed to say yes to networking groups and meeting with people one on one.  I used to shudder at the idea of going to one but dare I say – I enjoy them now. 🙂

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences because I have met some incredible people and it has helped me to break out of my bubble, put my best self forward and grow myself and my business.

Lori and I met for lunch and we talked about business but then it quickly led into her incredible healthy story. I promise you that you can not predict what has happened to her and it is both fascinating and heartbreaking (with positives that come out of it). I am always so impressed with the resiliency of a physical body but also a determined person.

Lori took her health struggle and became a health coach who is motivated to spread the message of reducing stress and becoming a healthier and stronger person. She is also an attorney by day and recognizes and experiences the struggles of attorneys (one of the highest groups if not the highest for suicide).

Lori shares with us her:

3 Empowering Tips To Build Confidence When Dealing With Transitional Changes

You didn’t really think I was going to share them with you here did you?? Tune in to Episode 61 where Lori and I discuss these 3 strategies.


Bio for Lori: 

Owner of Paul Law Group, LLC

Owner of Power Up 2 Health, LLC

Lori Paul is an attorney and a certified health coach via the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She was born and raised in a rural town in southwest Minnesota.  After moving to the Twin Cities in her early twenties, Lori pursued a law degree and has since been practicing law within the real estate, estate planning, software technology industries as well as corporate law within in the banking and health care sectors.  In addition, after dealing with unexpected chronic pain in her mid-thirties, Lori started her own blog, Powerup2health.com, to document her health journey and help others suffering from similar health issues.  

She currently lives in Eden Prairie, MN with her two daughters, Ella and Brityn. Outside of work, she loves outdoor activities, traveling, reading, writing and last but not least, all the family quality time she can get!

Follow Lori at:

Blog: https://powerup2health.com/about/

Facebook: powerup2health

Twitter: @LostinHealth


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