What walking into a shut door taught me about life.

True Confession Tuesday: Walking Into a Shut Door (Episode 94)

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 30, 2018

Confession: I walked right into a shut door. Yes, literally (the appropriate use of the word) into a closed door – Bloody nose, headache, sore nose, all of it. I was laying in bed the other night and decided I needed to go to the bathroom (which I’m sure you can relate).  After arguing with…

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Jump Off the Cliff

True Confession Tuesday: Go Jump Off A Cliff

By Lindsey Heiserman / January 9, 2018

Where (almost) every Tuesday – I confess. Confession: I think you should jump off a cliff. Have you ever jumped off a cliff? Or a tall diving board? Or off the side of a building? It is terrifying, exhilarating, and satisfying all wrapped up into less than a minute of time. And it takes so much…

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Bigger Body Bigger Life

True Confession Tuesday: I Have Gotten BIGGER

By Lindsey Heiserman / October 2, 2017

Where (almost) every Tuesday – I confess. Confession: I have gotten BIGGER.  I was looking through old photos the last few days and I was struck by how much bigger I am now than I was 10+ years ago. Initially I had this wave of thoughts and emotions run through my body that said “wow – I would love to…

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Interview With Robyn Baldwin

Episode 62 – Interview with Robyn Baldwin – Living An Alpha Female Life

By Lindsey Heiserman / September 25, 2017

Welcome to the second episode in our Women’s Health Series. This week we get to chat with Robyn Baldwin and I first “met” Robyn when I found her podcast The Alpha Female Podcast. The show highlights women who are strong, empowering and doing big things in life. What I loved about it was each guest…

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Are you an under-earner?

True Confession Tuesday: I Have Over 50 Blogs I Wrote in 2012

By Lindsey Heiserman / May 30, 2017

Where every Tuesday: I confess. Confession: I have over 50 blog posts I wrote starting back in 2012. I was so proud of myself last week for hitting 100 blog posts and then I remembered – I wrote a blog in 2012!! I went back and looked it up and it had over 50 posts.…

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You don't have to be a -New You

Happy Business Birthday – Top 10 Lessons I Learned From Year 2

By Lindsey Heiserman / April 1, 2017

Coffee. If there’s one word to describe my second year in business – it’s coffee. We will get back to that in a minute. As my second year of business comes to a close and my third year opens up – I feel the strangest mix of confidence and utter confusion. It feels like I…

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True Confession Tuesday: I Am Living Life 5 Seconds at a Time

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 7, 2017

Where every Tuesday: I confess. Confession: I have been trying to live life 5 seconds at a time. You know that feeling in your stomach when you’re nervous about doing something and you hesitate, and you hesitate, and you hesitate? And then after enough hesitation you say “I can’t do that.” Here’s an example. For…

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True Confession Tuesday: I Meal Prep on Sundays

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 28, 2017

Where every Tuesday: I confess. Confession: I meal prep on Sundays. Does anyone else do this?? I stay in my kitchen for an hour or two cooking proteins, vegetables and healthy carbs. Exciting – no. Necessary – yes. A few years ago I identified part of the reason I was struggling to eat healthy. I…

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True Confession Tuesday: Happiness, bliss, and rest are only a tank of gas away.

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 21, 2017

Where every Tuesday: I confess. Confession: Happiness, bliss, and rest are only a tank of gas away. Confession #2: In the almost 11 years I have lived here in Minnesota, I have not taken time to drive up to the north shore and do all the hiking and outdoor activities. Can you believe it? CAN…

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Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I Think You Should Stop Weighing Yourself – NOW

By Lindsey Heiserman / January 10, 2017

True Confession Tuesday: Where every Tuesday: I confess. Confession: I think you should stop weighing yourself. NOW. Put the scale away. Stop using it as your measure of success. It’s breaking my heart. It’s the new year, people are setting goals, changing their nutrition and their work out plan. All of this is AWESOME. But…

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