Confessions From A Personal Trainer: Captain America, McDonalds French Fries, A Witchy Trainer, and a Hot Dog

True Confession Tuesday:

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: I was Captain America, McDonald’s french fries, a witchy personal trainer, a hot dog and they ALL had different tricks and treats.

I never used to really get into Halloween. But like a lot of things in life – if you actually engage in them – you will have fun and enjoy yourself.

Captain America’s trick was running fast! I had a fantastic 7 mile trail run. It was great training with beautiful farmland, single trail, peace and quiet and I was able to just run. The treat was that I placed 5th female and 11th overall…….and I got to take a pumpkin home. What a great race.


McDonald’s french fries had a crazy trick. The treat was wearing a homemade costume and having everybody yell at you and recognize you and smile when they saw the costume. (We were even more popular and recognizable than Elsa and Olaf). The trick and the bummer was that almost every child and even the youngest ones around 18 months would scream out “McDonalds” and point with excitement when we ran by. What started as a fun and silly costume actually became tricky in a sense because now it was a horrific nightmare. I realized so many of the kids (and adults) in this world get excited and recognize McDonalds.  It’s a sad state.


Witchy Personal Trainer – The witchy trainer whose shirt said “Quit Your Witchin” was able to come up with a fun and effective work out with EXTRA glute work! There was also trick or treating for “finisher” exercises and treats to embrace the holiday. The real treat was having a lucky #13 people show up, many in costume, who worked really hard and got sweaty. That is such a treat for me to have a fun class with amazing people.


Hot Dog – What can you even say about a flying hot dog?? The hot dog had many tricks. I went to the ninja training gym and had a great training session but also took tons of pictures, videos and had so much fun.


Every year I enjoy going to the mall and looking at all the amazing costumes and picking up a couple of treats!!

But the greatest treat of all – the $3 BOORITO at Chipotle!! 🙂

Sometimes you have to let yourself be silly, dress up, become a new character, and maybe even find some new tricks up your sleeve. Costume or not – if you step outside of your box and try a new trick – you may find a great treat on the other side.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


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