True Confession Tuesday: I Don’t Like Writing Programs

Where every Tuesday – I confess.

Confession – I don’t like writing programs for clients to do outside of the gym.

I had a friend say to me not long ago “You could design a 12 week at home work out program and put it on your website.”

I shuddered, shook my head and said NO WAY.

If I have written a program for you – it was out of pure love for you. But as I have settled into my business, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the things I love doing, the things that light me up and the things that make me groan and think “UGH- I don’t want to do that.”

I have also paid close to attention to what I am really good at. And my strength lies in connecting with you in the gym, leading a group work out, and being with you in person.


But over the course of many years I have been asked.

  • Will you write me a program to do on vacation?
  • Will you put something together for me to do at home?
  • Do you have stuff for me to do when I’m too busy with the kids and I can’t get to the gym?
  • I travel a lot for work – what do you have for hotel rooms?
  • It’s too nice to be inside for the summer – can you write me an outdoor work out?
  • If any of this resonates with you – I have a solution (stay tuned).

I also have a 2nd confession for the day. If you have been in one of my group classes or participated in a “finisher” at the end of a work out – you have experienced some of what I’m about to tell you about.

A few years ago I ran across a woman named Jen Sinkler. She used to write/edit for the Experience Life Magazine (which I HIGHLY recommend if you don’t read it). I started following her social media, her blog content and more.

Her style is FUN, efficient, quick, hard, challenging, sweaty, and creative.

You combine that with exercise and you have her kick-butt manual “Lift Weights Faster.” I purchased this incredible manual and used the work outs for myself and with you (gotta love those “finishers.”)

If you are looking for the best resource to take with you outside this summer, on work trips in a hotel room, at home with the kids, at the park, in the gym, “finishers” for your work outs or you simply want to change it up – you need Lift Weights Faster.

You want to know another great thing that I have learned in business? Identify when you aren’t good at something – find someone who is outstanding at that thing – and pass it on to everyone who may need it. It certainly is a win/win.

The Lift Weights Faster manual is broken down into categories:

  • 10 minute work outs
  • 20 minute work outs
  • 30 minute work outs
  • Bodyweight
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Full Gym
  • TRX

Did I also mention these work outs are meant to get your heart rate up, burn fat, and develop muscle? And they deliver on all of those promises.

Ready to find out more – simply click below.


And because I basically love everything Jen Sinkler puts out – if you’re more into powerlifting – check out the Unapologetically Strong program she co-wrote with coach JVB.

Unapologetically PowerfulClick to find out more.

*Full disclosure – these are affiliate links. I receive a commission when you purchase the program.* I only recommend products and programs that I love and this one is right at the top!

You can find this program as well as other products and companies I love on my website – FIND THEM ALL HERE.

I hope you will gift yourself the present that keeps on giving – in the form of sweat, fun and challenging work outs.



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