Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I often wonder why my life is not a reality show

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Confession: I sometimes wonder why my life doesn’t have a reality show.

Yesterday started out like any Monday: wake up, make coffee, and leave to go to work. I remember – I need to mail something. So I pull into the parking lot at the bank where there is a mailbox. I pull up, put it in park, and get ready to roll down my window to drop off my mail.

And then BOOM!!!!!! The UPS drop box that is next to the mail box has literally FALLEN onto my car.

I sit in my car and say a few choice 4 letter words and then I laugh. I laugh because this kind of stuff only happens to me. What are the odds that I’m the one that pulls up at just the right time and the damn box falls on my car?

Then I realize that I’m going to have to get this heavy thing off my car. So I get out and I start to try to lift it and it won’t go anywhere. This sucker is heavy. I try a few more angles and then realize it’s not going to budge. Next I move around by the driver door and leverage my weight against the door and push the box. Eventually with a ton of grunting and pushing, I end up pushing it over.

Now I see the cement block that is practically lodged into my tire. I think to myself “Really? This is the week I am scheduled to get new tires anyway, but really?? I sure hope it didn’t puncture the tire.” Luckily – all good.

I’m pretty proud of myself for pushing that heavy thing off my car, so I take a few pictures and move on to work.

Later that day I call UPS and try to explain my situation to the poor person who answered the phone expecting me to want help tracking my package. He passes me onto someone else and she says “I’m sorry ma’am but there’s nothing we can do for you.” Uhhhhhhhhhh excuse me??? So I said “you are telling me that you claim no responsibility for your product that was not securely fixed and could have crushed my windshield?”

Needless to say this afternoon I got a call from the local manager of UPS who submitted my claim to their insurance and was very nice.

Aside from this being a reality show moment in my Monday morning I did reflect on a few things:

  • Life is unexpected – always be prepared
  • Strength training is necessary for LIFE – seriously if I wasn’t strong – there is no way I could have gotten it off my car (I pretended it was a really heavy prowler)
  • It is easy to get worked up over things that do not matter in the long run – yes it will get fixed but having a dent on my car is not the worst
  • You must be grateful at all times – I am beyond grateful that didn’t crush into my windshield or anything worse happen
  • Laughter – this was actually kind of funny. Imagine explaining it to four different UPS people. YES it actually fell ON MY CAR. 
  • Responsibility – UPS – I expect you to take responsibility for your product that is out there. We all need to take responsibility for what we put out into the world.

I hope your Tuesday do not involve a UPS drop box falling on your car, but if it does, remember these lessons.

Have a stellar Tuesday.


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