Interview with Samantha Collins – Slowing Down and Tuning In

Has the universe ever given you a HUGE sign that you should change your life? Have you been able to see it? Or have you just kept carrying on with your life? It can sometimes feel impossible to understand your path in life or tune in to the signs pointing you in a direction.

In this fun episode Samantha and I talk about how to incorporate slowing down and tuning in into your every day life.

In This Episode We Talk About:


  • Samantha’s story of picking up and moving to Minnesota
  • Why that was important
  • What she learned about herself and listening to the universe
  • Why it can feel like a struggle to be in tune with yourself
  • How we get in our own way ALL THE TIME
  • And most importantly – simple steps to take in your daily life to start slowing down and tuning in



Interview with Samantha Collins - Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast



About Samantha:

Samantha Collins, owner of It’s All Connected, has always been an avid learner and seeker of truth. After studying neuroscience at UConn, a deep passion of hers, she felt there was something missing to all of the hard science … the awareness of ENERGY. Spirit, energy, something greater than ourselves. She quickly found and fell in love with Craniosacral Therapy, a beautiful mix of both science and energy. After training to be a massage therapist, she continued her education by taking over 250 hours so far of continuing education in the Craniosacral Therapy field. The mind-body connection permeates in all that she does. She now focuses primarily on life coaching with a spiritual twist, helping others tap into their hearts so they can live out their true missions. Stay on the look out for her blog dropping in late fall! You can best connect with her via Instagram.


Fun Facts About Samantha:

  • She has a hitchhikers thumb that could make almost everyone freak
  • She moved from CT to MN by herself when she was 25
  • She is a year and a half sober
  • She is a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • She was valedictorian of her high school class


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