Periods. Poop. And Sleep

Periods. Poop. And Sleep.

I got my period the other day (as I do routinely every 28 days) and I started to complain in my head. UGH – I have to remember to pack tampons in my bag, I’ll probably need chocolate, and that also makes sense why I’ve been upset at the world the last few days and also feel like I’m failing at everything.

And then sometimes I think about how annoyed I am that I have been getting my period every month since I was 12. And will for easily another 20 years. WHAT AN INCONVENIENCE TO MY LIFE.

Then I stopped. Two things happened next. The first was that I felt immense gratitude that I am healthy, I have a regular period, my hormones are good, and my body is functioning on its own without me. Gratitude is ALWAYS a great place to go. ALWAYS. 

The second thing that happened was that I took a moment to think about what it would mean if I didn’t have a period. How this “inconvenience” was so critical to my health. Many women struggle with their periods, their hormonal health, pms, and more. Maybe you are one of them?

Then I got a little embarrassed because I was feeling annoyed at something so vital to my health and I was overlooking how impactful it would be if I did NOT get my period.

This sent me down a spiral of things that I deem inconvenient but that are critical to my health and can tell me so, so much.

Such as poop. If you’ve been here long you know I LOVE talking about poop. But have you ever rushed off to the bathroom in a hurry (i.e. emergency) or been constipated and couldn’t poop? Both situations are super inconvenient but vital to knowing and understanding your health.

If you’re interested – check out the Bristol stool chart – you can find it HERE.

I have been able to change things in my diet based on my poop. Because I’m paying attention to my emergency trips to the bathroom (usually what happens to me) but I’m now so grateful I can poop.

Poop tells a story about health just like getting a period.

Remind me to tell you about the time I kind of, sort of pooped my pants in college (no alcohol involved).

Then I moved onto sleep. I admit that sometimes sleeping takes a lower priority in my life. But lately I can tell you that I have made sleep a bigger priority but it is inconvenient. It takes hours out of my day I could be doing something. It involves a lifestyle change towards shifting the time I go to bed and/or the time I wake up.

However, just like periods and poop, what does sleep tell you about your health? Are you living with insomnia? Do you fall asleep during the day? Do you have immense fatigue?

Years and years ago I would be so insanely tired after a work day I would need a nap. It had little to do with my actual sleep patterns but everything to do with my diet.

Paying attention to my body and my health could be considered inconvenient. And sometimes I fall into that pattern of thinking. 


  • Why do I have my period AGAIN? Didn’t I JUST HAVE IT?
  • Holy cow I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW.
  • I’ll just stay up until midnight – no big deal.

But I LOVE paying attention, being grateful and making changes based on what my body is telling me.

If you’re looking for answers to your health, make a list of all of the ways your body is being inconvenient. Then – make a gratitude list of all the things your body does. 

Turn the inconvenience into a lesson. Tune in. What does your body need? Want? Desire?

I can honestly say I look forward to getting my period, I look at my poop for clues about my digestion and I pay close attention how I feel and operate with more sleep.

I’d love to know – what does your body tell you???? EMAIL ME and share your body stories.






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