True Confession Tuesday: Walking Into a Shut Door (Episode 94)

Confession: I walked right into a shut door.

Yes, literally (the appropriate use of the word) into a closed door – Bloody nose, headache, sore nose, all of it.

I was laying in bed the other night and decided I needed to go to the bathroom (which I’m sure you can relate).  After arguing with myself for a few minutes I decided I was going to get up. The bathroom is outside of the bedroom but not very far. It’s also important to note that the light switch for the hallway is next to the bathroom so there was no chance of turning on the light.

I walked out of the room, took a few steps towards the bathroom and then BAM!!!!!!

If you’re a person who closes the door every night before bed than you probably would say “Didn’t you know the door was closed?” BUT I never, ever close the bathroom door before bed. I use the bathroom and then leave it open. So imagine how perplexed I was (after the pain and nose bleed subsided) when I tried to figure out why the door was shut.

  • Was it a ghost?
  • A spirit?
  • Am I losing my mind and I actually did close the door?
  • Did a strong gust of heat come from the register?
  • Was someone in the house?

I do believe in ghosts but the only real feasible answer would be that I’m losing my mind and I actually did close the door. It’s also relevant to mention that the door has to be pulled shut and doesn’t just randomly close. Another reason I am still completely stumped by what happened.

Ironically this made me think of a quote I have down on my refrigerator.

“When one door closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.” ~ Helen Keller


I could spend a LOT of time wondering why that door was closed but that only creates insanity. I will never know because there is no evidence of a ghost or of me closing it. But it’s a great reminder to look for the open doors of opportunity, of change, and to be more present and observant.

Here’s to closed doors and turning on the hallway light before I walk into the bathroom!






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