Confessions from a Personal Trainer: Sometimes I eat microwave broccoli and boiled hot dogs for dinner

Where every Tuesday, I confess.

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Confession: This is what I ate last night. Sometimes (often) I microwave my broccoli and I boil hot dogs. And that’s dinner.

I often talk to clients about making decisions on a spectrum. The best choice, the worst choice, and something in the middle.

I know that life gets busy, but I still want to make good choices. Are they the absolute best choices? NO. Is that organic fresh steamed broccoli? NO. Did I make the mayo homemade? NO. (Although I do know how, but this was on sale and makes life easy!)

The only way I have found to sustain a healthy lifestyle with healthy choices is to have some give and take. Just like I wrote about working out last week and how sometimes it just isn’t what feels right, the same applies to my eating.

I would love to say that every day I make homemade meals from scratch, from all organic ingredients, never eat sugar, and don’t eat out. But that would be a lie.

I could have gone out to eat last night but I knew that this 5 minute (literally 5 minute) meal was waiting for me at home. And I got protein from the hot dogs, veggies from the broccoli, and some fat from the mayo. Boom. That’s a meal.

Tell me – what do you do that sustains your healthy lifestyle that is EASY?? I want to know. Email me.

Oh and just so you know – I had scrambled eggs and chicken sausage for breakfast. Easy and done in way less than 5 minutes.

Enjoy the day. Get outside for some Vitamin D.

Talk to you next week.



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