Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I do not want to help you lose weight

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: I do not want to help you lose weight.

I want to help you with SO many other things and if weight loss happens to come along, it’s a double win.

For so long I was obsessed with the scale. In college every morning as I opened up the rec center I would go to the hidden scale upstairs to weigh myself and make sure that it was under 140 lbs (it was a dr scale where you slide the bar over, so I could somewhat manipulate it to say what I wanted). And for so many mornings the mood of my day has been dictated by what the scale said when I stepped on. Lost weight – good day. Gained weight – bad day.

When I started personal training, I thought the majority of my job was to help clients lose weight.  But over time I realized in my own life and what I saw in clients was that weight was the result of everything else that was going on in your life.

I recently talked with a client who just got diagnosed with an autoimmiune disorder. Autoimmune disorders essentially happen when your body says “STOP and PAY ATTENTION TO ME.”  The body is so smart. In our conversation I said to her, “You will have to take a different mindset. Instead of thinking about weight loss, you need to heal your body. And that is a different approach.”

I encourage you to think about your health from the whole perspective. What part of your life needs attention and if weight loss happens as a result – awesome! But I can promise you that if you improve one area of your health, other areas will improve as well.

I want to help you: 

  • Reduce stress
  • Figure out what foods make you feel good and what foods aren’t helping you
  • Feel vibrant
  • Feel healthy
  • Wake up with energy
  • HEAL your body from the inside out
  • Learn how to lift weights and become STRONG
  • Be in a better mood
  • Teach you about health
  • Know how to make an informed decision for your health
  • Increase your curiosity around your own health and wellness
  • Move in every day life efficiently and pain free
  • Train for and finish an event
  • Be alive

-Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.

Remember the confession I wrote about gaining 10 lbs? READ IT HERE.

I’m still working on it, but I’m not stressed out like I used to be. I’m focusing on getting back to the habits and patterns I know make me feel great and exercising and moving the way that makes my body happy.

Have a great week. Talk to you Friday for Friday Fun!


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