Confessions from a Personal Trainer: My car got hit AGAIN

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Confession: My car got hit AGAIN.

If you don’t remember, my car got hit by a UPS drop box in October when I was mailing a letter. How does this happen?

But then, it happened again. (no, not the UPS box, but my car getting hit again)

Over Thanksgiving, I was in Iowa with my car parked on the street. As I was leaving, I notice a note on my car.

In Iowa, you have to park on certain sides of the street based on what day it is. So my first thought was “what? there’s no way I could have gotten a ticket. I double and triple checked the sign to make sure I was on the correct side.”

The note was not at ticket (thank goodness) but it was a note that said “sorry, I hit your car backing out of my driveway.”

My very first thoughts were “COME ON!!!! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN A SECOND TIME?”

In the grand scheme of life, both of these instances are no big deal. I was never in the car when it got hit, and I can get both problems fixed.

It does however, take time. It took time to get estimates, to communicate with the insurance company, to arrange a rental car, but it will be ok.

And between you and me, I really have never cared about how my car looks. A car is a way of getting to and from somewhere safely. But with that being said, I also drive my cars until they die. So a whole side busted up with tons of rusting, is not in the cards. (Did I mention that it got hit on the same side as the UPS box fell).

If this isn’t a metaphor for life, I really don’t know what is. Life comes out of nowhere and knocks you down and then BOOM it happens AGAIN!!! Usually before you’ve even had a chance to get back on your feet.

You have to ask yourself “is this a big deal or am I making it a bigger deal than it needs to be?”

Sometimes these life interruptions are a HUGE deal and other times they are not. Take a deep breath and decide which one it is.


For now until the door gets fixed, it is a daily reminder that when life knocks you down not once, but twice, you just laugh a little bit, and keep on moving!


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