Confessions from a Personal Trainer: The Effects of Stress and Sleep are REAL

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

*I wrote this post in my e-newsletter in May 2015. It is the very first blog post of my True Confessions.*

This first edition is all about what has happened in the last 6 weeks or so since I left my full time job. And remember – I love coffee – so there has been a lot of coffee.

For those of you who do not know the entire story of why I left my job – here’s the short version. I woke up one day and was ready to move on. For my whole life I have really listened to what my gut has told me to do. When I first stepped foot onto my college campus for a visit, I knew instantly that was where I should be (go Truman State!). When I got the idea to move to Minnesota for a job, I knew it was right. So I really knew that one day I would leave my job to focus on building up my life coaching business as well as continue personal training.

I had my last day on March 31 and here is how I envisioned April 1st. Wake up with no alarm, make coffee and breakfast, take the dogs for a walk, read a book, train a client or two, check my email (what email?), look at Facebook and Instagram, go work out, make dinner, watch tv.

And……that is EXACTLY how my day one went. It was out of this world fantastic. I have been getting up to go to work at 6am for 9 years and it felt marvelous to sleep in without an alarm.

Fast forward a week (or two – who’s counting when you’re self employed)? Several people asked me if I lost weight? I said no. Many people told me how relaxed and happy I looked. I was.

Lesson #1: The effects of stress and sleep are REAL. I haven’t felt this thin (I haven’t lost weight!) in years. The release of stress and the increase of sleep have helped my body to recover and de-bloat.

Back to my confession. But about a month into my new life, I started to feel a little crazy. And I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was so happy with my new life. I was still training clients, I was dreaming of new opportunities, I was listening to a TON of podcasts about building business and nutrition etc, and I was spending a ton of wasted time of social media.

Confession: I was getting insanely jealous. Jealous of all the success people on the internet were having. I admire so many of them and really love the work they are doing. But I started to doubt myself, wonder if I could ever be successful and all sorts of other crazy thoughts. And it literally would make my stomach hurt (hello – gut feelings!).  

So I took a step back to reflect. What was really going on in my head? And what I realized is I missed a couple critical things. I really missed the constant daily banter, conversation, and love from my clients, classes, and co-workers. Although I do still see many of you – but not all! I also really miss and need a routine. (And all those glorious podcasts talk about creating a routine when you’re self-employed). And above all – I realized how grateful I am to have worked with so many outstanding people for so long and now I am privileged to have an open platform to help even more people.

Lesson #2: Life is social. We need people. Even this introvert needs people. Create your network – family, friends, people you play card games with, your exercise buddies, your wine drinking friends (gasp!), connect with long distance friends, etc. We all need people. 

Request: I also really miss teaching. During my classes and with my clients, I love to teach and relay information. What I realized is that I have a new platform. And much of it is now virtual. If you do not live in MN where I would see you – please let me know – what can I teach you and how can I help? If you live in MN – hopefully I will see you soon and be able to teach you in person. But the same applies – how can I help?

In the next month I will be upping my social educating game  – posting a ton of my Lindsey Heiserman Coaching FB page, Pinning like a mad lady on my Pinterest page, and trying to figure out those hashtag things on Instagram.

Please interact – let me know what you want me to focus on so I can educate and help. 

Lesson #3 – Create routine and daily habits. Somehow with all my “extra” time I was getting less done and simply wasting time. Why is my house still messy?? Why haven’t I taken that box of donations to donate? I need to build new daily habits. So if you want to create some normalcy or build new habits – you need routine. If you want to start exercising but don’t know how – start with a walk around your block daily. But every day – make it a habit. 

I’m currently working on making only 2 cups of coffee a day, (not 3) as my new habit. 

Thank you all so much for reading my first true confession. I really do appreciate each of you.



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