How Life is Different After the Pandemic

How has it been 3 years since the start of the pandemic? I went down the rabbit hole of my phone pictures and videos from March 2020 and WOW. What a time.

Honestly, the start of the pandemic lockdown was fun, relaxing and a change of pace that I think many of us really valued.

This is also to say that it was an extremely stressful time and I am eternally grateful for all the doctors, emergency personnel, grocery store workers and everyone who worked every single day in person to keep us all going.

I also can't talk about the pandemic without recognizing over 3 million people worldwide died from this virus. It was not a joke and I think it's hard to find someone who wasn't directly affected or had a loss in their family because of the virus.

Life is different now in many ways

When I think about my life now, I am amazed at how different it is and in all areas of my life.

My work is probably the biggest one and below is a picture of my very first virtual class. I did this on the first Wednesday of the shutdown. No idea what I was doing, but people showed up. AND - I'm still doing virtual classes to do this day.

First virtual class I taught in March 2020

The speed of life is different with more time dedicated to reading, puzzles, watching tv and enjoying being home.

My workouts have entirely changed - I go to a different gym, I work out at home a lot and I have incorporated so much more walking.


In this episode I share more of the ways life is different for me and I invite you to look at your life and see how it has changed - and ask yourself if you like it? Is it working for you??

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - "How Life is Different After the Pandemic"

I do a lot of my personal training and coaching via zoom and FaceTime and I could have NEVER imagined that would be the case.

Teaching virtual classes and personal training

Listen to the episode below:

How has life changed for you?


I also find it incredible to look at photos from 3 years and really feel like a totally different person than the person I was back then.

Which is what life is about.....learning, growing, changing, but wow.


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