For people who want to feel good in their body and move and function well with age

The goal after a work out session is to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.


I talk a lot with clients about training to get up off the toilet for the rest of their lives and I'm serious.  We train for life activities - anything from running errands to traveling, playing with grandkids to hiking a mountain and more.

And to be able to endure whatever life throws at you. 


Lindsey Heiserman Coaching - Personal Training

The training session sessions (whether 1-1 or group) are strength based and will teach you the basic movement patterns and then we refine them and challenge them.


I currently work with clients in two ways: 1-1 virtual sessions or group training.

1-1 Personal Training

This virtual training option is great if you are looking for individual coaching and support tailored to your goals and situation.

$65/30 minutes


Group training classes

I offer both virtual and in person group training classes.

Online we meet Thursday's at 530pm CST and Sunday's at 730am CST.

In person we meet Sunday's at 930am at Envision Fitness in Hopkins.

$20 drop in rate or purchase a 11 class punchcard (10 classes + 1 for free) for $180

From a 1-1 Client

"Lindsey is a fantastic personal trainer and life coach. She is concerned about the health of her clients and keeps me motivated to work out. I recommend her highly and hope I can always work out with her (even when I don't live in Minneapolis).

From a group member

"I don't like to exercise, but I like to laugh and I like being able to improve my physical and emotional health by just showing up and following instructions at my own pace.

Joining Lindsey's community work outs has improved my mood - even (maybe especially?) on days when sore legs do not make me feel like my favorite self."

Interested in personal training or group classes? Contact me below.

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What People Are Saying


"I don't really like to work out but I realize the health benefits of keeping in shape. Lindsey makes working out as enjoyable as it can b and I very much appreciate her positivity and good humor."

"Lindsey provides thorough, well informed work outs that are fun and challenging alike. She is knowledgeable about the body and mind as it applies to fitness.

She also knows how to adapt training sessions to meet an individual's strengths and weaknesses."