The Life Adventure Collective

Helping you create a life of self-growth, adventure and joy.

This could be for you if:

  • You love self help stuff, but tend to feel a little burnt out from it
  • You desire a life where you are constantly learning about yourself and growing but that's not the main focus
  • You want to do those things in a FUN environment
  • You could also use some JOY in your life

"I used to think life coaching was so "woo-woo" and only for the people who had really messy dysfunctional lives. But Lindsey's group is honestly for ANYONE who wants to question why they do what they do, feel how they feel and react how they react... and discover ways to increase your quality of life without needing to rewrite the whole dang script!" - Tiffany Culbertson

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In my work with clients over the last 16 years I have found some themes among all of them. And those are growth, adventure, and joy.

  • We want to grow as humans, as people in relationships with others, in our health, in our work.
  • We desire adventure - small, big, daily, and in the mundane moments.
  • We crave joy - and often don't know how to find it our feel it.
Birthday Reflections

The quick facts:

  • The main event is a monthly coaching workshop around a topic - the first Thursday of every month at 12pm CST. Yes it is virtual. Yes it is still incredible.
    • It is interactive during the workshop or you can listen or watch the replay.
  • AND THEN - all of this is included
    • There will be weekly private podcasts after the presentation of the month to help you keep exploring the topic
    • And an opportunity to connect with others and SO MUCH MORE

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September 2023 - "Growth vs Fixed Mindset"


Thursday September 7th at 12pm CST

You may be holding yourself back in ways you don't even know

  • You start a new plan or habit only to stumble along the way and give up
  • You get overly frustrated with yourself easily
  • You grew up in a very fixed way of doing things

Sometimes we don't even know we are doing it - living our lives in a fixed mindset. 

In this workshop we will explore the difference between growth and fixed mindset, how it shows up in life and ways to cultivate your growth.

If you want to learn more and understand your own behavior - join us for this months workshop of The Life Adventure Collective.

"Growth vs Fixed Mindset"

We meet Thursday September 7th at 12pm CST and yes there's a replay. 😁

You have two options to join:

  • Join the Life Adventure Collective membership and gain all the benefits listed above. It is a monthly membership and you can opt out at any time (no long term commitments). $29/month - JOIN HERE
  • OR
  • Buy the monthly workshop for $24 - HERE - this is just the coaching workshop (the replay is included) and not the membership or the additional supportive podcasts.

What People Are Saying About the Collective

When Lindsey mentioned that she was going to start a life coaching group, I was so ecstatic. I was already invested in her business coaching and knew that adding life coaching would be just what I needed to focus on who I am and how I want to show up.
Self help books are okay, but they are far too vague and do not give you the ability to ask "okay, but what if?" to the author. A live group with Lindsey would give me the ability to ask questions and clarify how the topic at hand could benefit my life specifically.
Having already worked with Lindsey, I wasn't expecting anything profound right off the bat. But I should've known better! Lindsey has a way of making you think deeper. And when you think you are at the bottom of your "why" she asks one more question and you realize there's another layer.
I have definitely been surprised by the amount of depth and personal attention she brings in a group setting. It truly is unlike any other group I have invested in.
One of the greatest things about the group so far is that she never makes me feel "broken." Unraveling the tangled webs of life and trying to find root causes of dysfunction has always made me feel so gross in the past.
But not with Lindsey. It feels freeing and fun. I did not expect life coaching to ever feel fun!
Tiffany Culbertson

Did you know.......


When you join the membership you have access to all the workshops and supportive podcasts?

You can go in and listen to any of our previous workshops and all the podcast episodes.

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

One more thing before you go

"It’s like this workshop has made me really start to live in the moment and notice things around me that maybe I don’t like or want to change instead of just going with them because that’s all I have been used to .

Not thinking before that I could or should change the things that just don’t feel right.  So now when I am in a situation that I don’t like I use the things learned in the workshop to say something different or do something different so I can change things."

Elaine Henningsgaard