Episode 84 – Interview with Megan Rathjen – “It All Starts with the First Step”

Megan changed her health and her entire life by taking the first step which created an incredible transformation. The decision she made to say “I am going to take control of my health and make it happen.” Was it easy?  Not one bit. The path to true transformation is always riddled with hardship, challenges and stumbling blocks.

If you are sitting here on January 4th, 2018 overwhelmed by all the things in your life and by the idea of taking back your health – tune in to this episode. I promise Megan will show you how to make it happen by sharing her experience of starting to exercise in the comfort her living room for 5 minutes and changing her diet one food at a time.




Consistent action over time has yielded Megan and her entire family huge results. Not only has she transformed her body but the most valuable transformation was with her mindset. She is strong, bold and has brought her entire family together around the value of health.




In this episode we chat about:

  • How she got to the unhealthy low point
  • What she did to take the first steps
  • The challenges and bumps in the road she experienced
  • How she incorporates her family into health and fitness
  • What is was like to accomplish her first Spartan TriFecta
  • How to keep your mindset on track




You can listen to EPISODE 84 HERE.


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