What’s Your Burger of the Month?? (Episode 114)

I am an official member of the BOM Squad. What is that you ask? It’s the Burger of the Month Squad. As funny as this may seem, I am really proud of that t-shirt and the accomplishment. (Shout out to My Burger for their awesome Burger of the Month Club).

Here’s why. It takes a full year of commitment. It starts in January, you have to go every month, you often have to try things you may not initially like, and you have to carry around a PAPER punchcard for a year. (Who still uses paper punchcards anyway?) Ok – I do. Weekend work out punchcards are paper.

Completing this task in December of last year and then getting this super rad t-shirt yesterday got me thinking. It may seem silly to be so jazzed about eating burgers and getting a t-shirt but how often do we give up on a goal we set in January?


Or, the bigger question. How often do we give up on something when it’s not convenient, we forget until the end of the month, or we just don’t feel like doing it or going?

I love burgers (bunless for sure because gluten makes me feel horrible) but I don’t always love crazy sauce combinations or seasoned bacon varieties. Fun fact – I also mostly eat mine grilled chicken style because that’s how I like it!

My question to you is – how can you make your own “BOM Squad” goal this year? Here are some ideas to do once a month for a year:


  • Read a book every month
  • Try a new coffee shop
  • Go to a new fitness class
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Go on a fun date with your person to a new place
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Volunteer somewhere new every month
  • Donate time or money to a different cause
  • Meet one new person every month
  • Take a class teaching you a new skill
  • The ideas are endless

It will take a few things to make this happen:


  • Consistency
  • Reminders
  • Maybe a paper punchcard or tracking system
  • A fun attitude
  • An adventurous spirit
  • Willingness to step outside of your box

So, EMAIL ME and tell me your plan to create your BOM idea this year. I can’t wait to hear!





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