Episode 99 – Interview with Teresa Romain – Owner of Access Abundance – Money Mindset and All Things Abundance

Have you ever considered what type of money mindset you have? Or what energy you are giving money? Or considered that maybe it isn’t even about the money?

Our guest this week Teresa Romain is the owner of Access Abundance and since 1996 she has empowered thousands of women to enjoy the freedom of being “debt-free” with plenty of money in the bank – all while enjoying their lives.


We cover a lot of topics:

  • Teresa’s story and “quagmire of scarcity” and her entreprenuerial journey
  • How getting “out of debt” is not the only important thing
  • What is behind your scarcity and lack mindset
  • How to identify when money is not the issue
  • What it’s like to take control of your money mindset
  • The patterns and beliefs that are holding you back
  • How to actually access your abundance (in many areas of life – not just money)


Teresa Romain became an Abundance Coach in response to what she learned when her first entrepreneurial venture left her with mounting debt and little income. This “quagmire of scarcity” propelled her to begin studying principles of money management, success and prosperity. What she learned awakened in her a passion to support other women who are frustrated with working their butts off yet still not having the money and freedom they desire…..and who are often going backwards into debt.

As a Life Coach and Certified Spiritual Director with a background in Business Administration and Theology, Teresa’s unique approach blends practical financial principles with psychological and spiritual principles and practices to create lasting transformation in her clients.

Teresa lives with her husband Dan on their “four acres of heaven” near Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.


How to access your abundance, change your money mindset and live debt free.


Fun Facts About Teresa:

  • I absolutely LOVE sandhill cranes (and all cranes).
  • I live in a farmhouse that was built in April 1865 (the same month Abraham Lincoln was shot).
  • I have a business and theology background and am a Certified Spiritual Director.
  • I have a tendency to look at things differently than most people.
  • I am the youngest of 7 children and my oldest sister is 28 years older than me – and I had 2 nieces and 2 nephews before I was born.

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