Soft Baked Dog Treats – Meet Reggie Carter – Owner of Must Be Ruff

Are you a dog owner? Have you bought your dog treats? I am a sucker for anything for my dogs. When I saw Must Be Ruff soft baked dog treats at a vendor fair, I bought one of everything.


I started chatting with Reggie Carter, the owner about his business and knew I had to bring him on the podcast. No one sets out in life to make dog treats, yet, here he was absolutely crushing his business.

Reggie's story starts during the covid lockdown and has blossomed into an incredible business.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast. Season 5, Episode 10. Interview With Reggie Carter - Owner of Must Be Ruff soft baked dog treats

In this episode we discuss:

  • How and why Reggie started this business
  • Who his first customers were
  • When and how he decided to quit his full time job with benefits
  • What his wife and family thought at the beginning and now
  • Creating connections through business
  • Our internal thoughts and how they affect us
  • How he got his business into the Minnesota State Fair (THIS IS HUGE)
  • and so much more

About Reggie

In early 2021 when I created the company, we had recently welcomed Kirby, a black and tan European Doberman to our family. We wanted Kirby to be healthy and to live her best life and one way to do that was to hand-make all of her food and treats. Growing up on a farm in Mississippi, I knew that I wanted Kirby to be as healthy as the dogs and animals I was surrounded by as a kid.
So I set out to find a way to make treats that were high-quality and loved by dogs in Minnesota. After sourcing the ingredients, testing new recipes, and hoping for Kirby’s approval, Must be Ruff was born. Thanks to the community, we have been able to bring these treats to hundreds of dogs and you can find our treats in stores, breweries and farmers markets in the metro area.
Must Be Ruff - Soft Baked Dog Treats
Must Be Ruff - Minneapolis

Connect With Reggie, Must Be Ruff and Order Soft Baked Dog Treats

Listen to the episode below:

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