The Not So Secret “Secrets” of Growing a Personal Training Business

What do you think of when you hear “personal training business?”

Do you think personal training is a career? A sustainable business? The thing you’ll be doing 20 years from now? I know it is and I know it can be done. I blinked and I’ve already had a 15 year career and still going strong.


My guest today Mark Ruehle has been a personal trainer since the summer of 1998, started his consulting business “Personal Training Biz” is 2015 and is still going STRONG in his career helping people with their health and wellness as well as other personal trainers get their businesses going and sustained.


We could (and did) complete each other’s sentences, shake our firsts in agreements and nod our heads aggressively about the topics we discussed. We shared all the “not so secret” secrets to growing a sustainable and fulfilling personal training business for the long haul!

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to become visible and credible
  • “Old school” marketing tips
  • Why time for dollars is a SOLID strategy
  • Getting to know the right people for your business growth
  • Giving back and how to do that
  • Guilt in our industry
  • Growing your confidence

And honestly…so much more.

We talked fast. We were excited. And I know this episode will help you so much. You will probably want/need to take notes.


Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Interview with Mark Ruehle of Personal Training Biz


Another really important thing about this episode that I hope you will take with you is collaboration over competition. Mark and I do VERY similar things. We both have personal training businesses (yes in different cities) and we both consult/coach other personal trainers in their businesses and we have very comparable theories, strategies and ideas.

There is room for both of us. There are enough personal trainers in this world for both of us to help (and then some).


Remember that when building your business. There’s room for you as an incredible personal trainer AND the other one in your town or on the internet. Be the best YOU and that’s the best thing you can do.

In the episode Mark and I talk about how if we all do better, we all do better and we elevate our profession and that is 100% true.


Find Mark:

YOUTUBE– Mark Ruehle


Listen to the EPISODE BELOW





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