Episode 101 – Interview with Jenn Roder “Iron Butterfly” and Sarah Schoback “Ninja of the North”


It’s that time of year again – ninja fever!! Last year we talked to several ninjas – including one of our guests from today Sarah Schoback (listen to her interview Episode 58 ).

In this episode I have the honor of talking to two of my good friends and Ninja Warrior competitors – Jenn Roder “Iron Butterfly” and Sarah Schoback “Ninja of the North.”

It’s been a wild ride watching the two of them train all year long (and much more) while also training myself at a ninja gym. There is so much history between the two of them and I hope you watched the Minneapolis episode and saw the full story about Jenn. It will make you tear up, laugh, and inspire you to get moving and conquer all of the obstacles in your life.


In this episode we talk about so much (and we laugh a lot).


  • Friendship
  • Community
  • Overcoming real life obstacles
  • Cancer
  • Filming of ANW
  • What’s it like to step up to the platform
  • Why it was so incredible to have the show filmed in Minneapolis


Interview with Jenn Roder "Iron Butterfly" and Sarah Schoback "Ninja of the North"




Follow along at:


  • “Iron Butterfly” – Jenn Roder



  • “Ninja of the North” – Sarah Schoback



  • Obstacle Academy



  • Read about the filming of the Minneapolis episode

Star Tribune Article – American Ninja Warrior


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