Episode 111- Jonathan Fogel – Self Care and Health During Divorce

Do you or someone you know have experience with divorce? I know I do. This episode covers a unique and not always talked about topic pertaining to our health and wellness – divorce.  I interview Jonathan Fogel – a divorce attorney and he shares his professional and personal experience with divorce. Whether you have gone through it or not – this is an important episode. One of the really key things Jonathan and I talk about is how self care for most people is at the bottom of the list and why that can be problematic.


Self Care and Emotional Health During Divorce


We Talk About:

  • Jonathan’s personal and professional experience with divorce
  • What he learned from his own divorce that changed the way he does business
  • His book “How to Prepare for Divorce While Married”
  • Why self care and attention to mental, emotional and physical health is needed during divorce
  • How to pay attention to children during the process
  • Why being seen, heard and appreciated is at the root of all of it
  • How his life is different now than pre divorce
  • And so much more


About Jonathan:

Jonathan is a family law attorney and he is a partner at the Seiler Schindel, Law Firm. Jonathan areas of practice include divorce, division of marital estates, spousal maintenance, child support, custody, and post decree issues. Jonathan has appeared on The Anderson Cooper show, and is tapped as a family law expert for both national and local television and radio. Jonathan is the co-host of The Divorce Registry Podcast, which provides informative, insightful, and entertaining information about all things related to family law.




Find Jonathan on the Web:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheDivorceRegistry/


Instagram – @jonathanfogel



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