But What If You Don’t Have a Goal?

What’s your goal?

I was trained to open every personal training consultation with the question “what’s your goal?” It felt a little stiff and awkward to me but I tried to do it anyway. I figured it must be the way to get clients to sign up?

I was almost always met with only a couple of responses.


  • Lose weight
  • Tone up
  • I don’t know


The first two are common and I have had them as goals myself in the past. They are to be expected when you’re working in the gym. But the last one always threw me for a loop. For someone trained in asking “what’s your goal?” I didn’t feel prepared for the answer “I don’t know.”

The person in front of me would then stare blankly at me as I stared blankly back at them. It was as if were playing a game of who is going to talk first. Me – expecting them to answer the question I asked and Them – expecting me to solve their problems and GIVE them a goal.

In my early days I’m sure I “assigned” everyone a goal. Come to the gym x many of times per week, go to these classes, eat this many vegetables etc. As I became more trained and a more developed professional I started to realize WHY people were at the gym sitting in front of me.




It’s not always, actually it’s rarely about a specific, time sensitive goal.

I recently had a conversation with a client who has been with me since 2008. We were talking about sales and he said to me “you are such a good closer.” AND I LAUGHED OUT LOUD FOR A LONG TIME. If you asked me my biggest weakness – I would always answer SALES. Hands down, every time.

After I got myself to calm down from laughing so hard I asked him why he would possibly say that. He responded “I can’t remember what we talked about but I remember how I felt and that I would do what you suggested.” And here we are, 11 years later, still working together.

I know there’s a quote out there that goes something like “it’s not about what you said, it’s about how you made a person feel.” There is nothing more true.

It’s ok to go to a gym and not have a specific, number, time line, data driven goal. It’s ok to want support. Like support for life. Because sometimes life can be hard. Learning about ourselves can be hard. Managing our time and priorities can be hard.

Maybe you’re feeling the pressure of the question “What’s your goal?” as you go into 2020. 

Because maybe, just maybe you don’t have a specific goal but you know you want support and direction.

In 2020 I am offering a new and unique coaching program that I have never done before. It’s based upon helping you grow in whatever way it is YOU WANT.


Be You 2020 Coaching Program by Lindsey Heiserman Coaching


“BE YOU 2020”


You may have a big, audacious, time sensitive goal in 2020 and this is for you.

It’s also for you if you have said “I want to get better at being me.” 

Or if you have said “I want some accountability, support and direction.” 

And if you said “I just want someone to talk to you about things going on.” 

The unique thing about this program is you will have two options for coaching with me.

  • Via Facebook messenger and audio/text messages or VOXER (a voice messaging app)
  • Google docs which will act like a journal and we will write back and forth
  • These communications/updates will be EVERY WEEK.


Each month a new podcast style audio will come out where I will go in depth on topics ranging from health, wellness, exercise, boundaries, relationships, conversations and much more.

In addition, a monthly newsletter will include resources for more learning and growth including books, podcasts and even other professionals.

Did you just ask yourself how long this coaching program goes? You got it. Support from me for ALL of 2020. Weekly for an entire year. Because statistics show we stop trying after January and I want to be here for you longer than that. 

Not everyone wants to dive deep into individual coaching sessions and this was created for you. An opportunity to have a confidant, a person to process/discuss things with and the space to learn and grow.

Investment is $299. Support for all of 2020. 

I’m only taking 20 people into the “BE YOU 2020” program. Reserve your spot by REPLYING TO THIS EMAIL HERE and let’s chat about if it’s the right fit for you.




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