Food Freedom, Bodies, Weight and Mental Health – A Candid Talk with Tiffany Culbertson

How do you feel about food freedom? Or your body and weight? Tiffany Culbertson returns to the podcast to have a candid chat about our personal journeys with our bodies, mindset, and food freedom.

This is not an easy topic to talk about but we hope to open your mind to a bigger conversation full of nuance and body autonomy.

I've had a long history of struggles with my relationship to my body and food. I would never have imagined being where I am at today - my highest scale weight ever, but also with the best relationship with food I have ever had.

Tiffany and I talk about creating your own autonomy and decisions about your body and life even when it's challenging because of what we see on social media and the pressures from out in the world.

Food Freedom, Bodies, Weight and Mental Health - A Candid Talk with Tiffany Culbertson

In this episode we discuss:

  • Where we are each at currently with our bodies, body image, weight and intentional weight loss
  • What food freedom looks like in real life
  • The struggles we both still face
  • How life is different now than it was years ago

About Tiffany

Tiff helps every day women create fitness habits so that they can move and feel better for the rest of their lives without feeling obsessed or overwhelmed.

She is a wife, mom of 3 and lives in Oregon.

AND she might be training for another marathon!! Stay tuned.

Connect With Tiffany

Instagram -  @tiffstartsliving

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Listen to Tiff's podcast "Your Health, Simplified" - listen HERE

Listen to the episode below:

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