Interview With Lizanne Dooner – How to Secure Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

Do you love cabins? Adventures? Coffee?

Maybe that's just me because I am a true Minnesotan. 😁

Today's guest on the podcast is Lizanne Dooner of "Lizanne Lately" on IG. I brought her on to the podcast because of the cabins, adventures and coffee but also for her to share her wisdom about partnering with brands and companies.

You might be thinking.....what does this have to do with my fitness/wellness business??

Lizanne brings a wealth of knowledge about how to approach brands and companies for partnerships or sponsorships in a realistic and non-slimy, gross way.

You could be adding revenue to your business by creating these partnerships and sharing with your audience.

If you're looking for a very fun episode (we even talk about how I could get my dog a brand partnership) then I encourage you to tune in.

Lizanne breaks everything down into tiny manageable steps and she also shares her most proud partnership and how she got it.

*We also talk real money - what could you expect to earn, how to ask for the money and more.*

I hope you'll listen, follow Lizanne on IG and then share with us what you thought.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview with Lizanne Dooner of "Lizanne Lately"


What companies are you interested in partnering with? Or brands? This episode will be so helpful and motivating to get you started.

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