Retirement Travel – An Update From Marc and Kathy Tatone (Life in South America During Quarantine, Current Life and Plans to Travel Again)

Retirement travel - is it in the cards for you?? A lot of people say "I want to travel when I retire" but they don't make a specific plan. Kathy and Marc shared their story on the podcast in 2019 right as they started traveling in South America full time.


This episode is such a fun and inspirational listen. It's not all travel rainbows and butterflies - there is life that happens along the way.

Retirement Travel - Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast

In this episode we discuss:

  • Marc and Kathy share where the idea to travel came from and how they took action
  • What it was like to sell their house, car and all of their belongings
  • Their experience of traveling full time and spending all their time together
  • Living in South America during the height of the pandemic
  • Coming back to the US during the pandemic
  • Becoming grandparents
  • What the future entails with family and travel

Listen to the episode below:

Do you want to do retirement travel? What are your retirement dreams?


And a bigger question is - have you even thought about what you desire? If you have a partner, have you discussed together what your dreams are?


Kathy and Marc share their experience discussing their hopes and dreams and where their differences were.


If you are starting to think about retirement, this episode is a must listen.

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