Episode 120: Dr. Cassie Wilder – Functional Medicine, Birth Control, Poop and Fatigue

This episode with Dr Cassie will give you an understanding of functional medicine and how it can play a role in your health. I absolutely loved this conversation because I am constantly learning about my own health and ways I can improve.

Did you know that most of Dr Cassie’s clients will come in and say “I eat well, I exercise, and I still feel like crap!”


I believe many of us can relate. This is where Dr Cassie comes in. She is the bridge between you and conventional medicine utilizing testing and data to make recommendations for your health.


In this episode we talk about:


  • Her experience that brought her to naturopathic medicine
  • Why her clinic is different than others
  • Why coming off birth control is one of the biggest things she sees and how to manage it
  • Poop, fatigue, irritable bowel and other things people experience and often think are “normal”
  • So much more


I could go on and on about how awesome this episode is, but just go listen! I believe you will hear many things that resonate and I hope you will be inspired to take control of your health like I was.



Dr Cassie Wilder talks functional medicine, birth control, poop and fatigue.



About Dr Cassie

Dr. Cassie Wilder is a functional medicine doctor and founder of Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center located in Northeast Minneapolis. She is an expert in helping men and women look and feel their best by taking the time to listen to them and uncover the root cause of their concerns. From PMS to IBS, and acne to anxiety, Dr. Wilder can help you optimize your biochemistry, plan out a healthy plate, and utilize the best of natural medicine to get your health back on track.

Fun Facts About Dr Cassie


  • I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books.


  • I have a secret obsession with the Fast and the Furious movies, and have a signed autograph from Vin Diesel.


  • My burning desire is to travel to Europe.
  • When Legally Blonde came out, I wanted to be Elle Woods for about an entire year before I switched back to loving medicine.
  • My husband and I collect magnets from everywhere we travel and I have a whole fridge full!



Find Dr Cassie on the Web


Website/Blog – https://mplsimc.com/blog/


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mplsintegrativemc









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