3 Ways to Manage YOURSELF While Running a Business

In this episode I talk about starting, growing, or re-evaluating your business. I want to focus on the “you” in your business and three ways to manage yourself while running and growing a business. Here are 3 Ways to Manage YOURSELF While Running a Business!

I discuss:

– Ways to balance your energy and positivity 

– How having a business will appear harder than it is because you will be in the way

– Finding a way to chronicle or journal your time and energy

– What are your personal non-negotiables?

– How can you be in charge of your own time?

Listen to the full episode here:

Here are some highlights:

Why I Started My Own Business

“I put in my two weeks notice and two weeks later I started a business with not a clue what to do,” said Lindsey. “I knew how to give exceptional customer service to my clients and I knew how to be an incredible coach, but the whole business part was new to me. But deep down I knew part of the reason I had to quit was my energy and outlook on life had tanked, my positivity had tanked, and I didn’t have any energy. I was running myself mentally and emotionally down to the ground.”

Observing Where Your Energy Is Throughout The Day

“You have to observe where your energy is during the day,” Heiserman said. “If you just wanna roll over in your bed and pull the covers over your head when I said I like to get up by 5am, that schedule is not for you. And don’t let anyone tell you that in order to be successful you must get up early and do all these different things. If that doesn’t work for you then that doesn’t work for you. End of story.” 

The Different Parts of Your Business You Need to Consider

“For me there are emails, posting on different platforms, engaging with people, I record podcast episodes and post about all of those things,” says Lindsey. “I also have client sessions and working on my coaching program. So there are a lot of moving pieces and I have energy for different types of things at different times of day. You have your day to day energy management and your weekly energy management.”

Figuring Out What Works For You

“There are no rules for when you do your work and how, but you have to figure out what works best for you,” Lindsey said. “If late at night is when you have the energy to do work, and your family live allows it, then yes, that is when you do your work.”

One of my non-negotiables

“Some sort of movement throughout your day, especially as a business owner, is crucial,” Heiserman said. “It is where I come up with most of my ideas. It is where I allow my brain to jus wander. Because one of my non-negotiables is exercise.” 

How Does Business Fit Into Your Life?

“Personally, I would rather grow business at a slower pace and have the life I wanna have rather than grow it rapidly and not have the life that I want to have,” says Lindsey. “The life I wanna have, in non Covid times, includes traveling for races and being gone on weekend trips and only working half days on Fridays. What do you want your life to look like?”

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