Interview With Stephanie Fowler – A Return to Employment and Running a Gym

I bet you have thought about this.

A return to employment.

I know I have.

Running a business is both amazing and incredibly hard.

I’m so excited for this episode and an upcoming one where I have open and honest conversations with business owner friends who have had a return to employment.

Stephanie is a return guest to the podcast and she talks about her return to teaching while still running her gym.


In this episode we discuss:

  • The financial implications of running a business
  • How returning to employment has benefits such as income stability, health care, retirement and more
  • How to “do it all”
  • How to emotionally manage employment and running a gym
  • And more

Whether you decide a return to employment is for you, or not, this is a great episode.


From young girl battling childhood obesity, to nasty woman owning a gym. Okie native, coach, weightlifter, kettlebell swinger, entrepreneur, coffee drinker, dog lover, book reader, apron collector & frequent traveler. Sundays are reserved for mimosas + brunch.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview With Stephanie Fowler. "A Return to Employment While Running a Gym"


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