Podcast Guest Interviews


I'm Lindsey, an introvert who loves to talk and hear the stories of others. Which is how I ultimately why I started my podcast "Mind Muscle and Movement" because my clients kept saying "you have way more to say - start a podcast."  You can find episodes of my show on the blog page HERE and also where you listen to podcasts.


Guests on my show always remark about how easily the conversation flows and how effortlessly I can guide an interview/discussion. Podcast interviews on my show are fun, touching, educational and always enjoyable.


I really enjoy being a guest on podcasts and sharing more about my story and topics I love. Some of those topics are (but are never limited to) 


  • Building a fitness and wellness career
  • Obstacle course racing
  • Body image and disordered eating
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Creating your own life and path
  • The intersection of life coaching and personal training
  • Values, boundaries and self-trust


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Podcast Guest Interviews

Thank you to those who have had me as a guest on their show. Below is a running list of my interviews.


Peaceful Power Podcast with Andrea Claassen - Wellness During Hard Times

Unicorn Exchange - Everything You'd Want in a Coach: Fitness, Business and Life

Ignite Your Confidence with Karen Laos - Stop "Shoulding" Yourself

Twin Cities Wellness Collective with Alex Morrall - Building Awareness to Enhance Well Being Beyond Yourself

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise with Lois Koffi - Balancing Life and Business in 2021

Fitness for Busy Professionals with Dr Meredith Butulis - September Season of Fitness Renewal

Peaceful Power Podcast with Andrea Claassen-  Confessions of a Personal Trainer

Do a Day with Bryan Falchuk - Don't Make Your Past Stories Part of Your Right Now

The Fitcast with Kevin Larrabee - Progressing the Industry

Video Interviews and Virtual Talks

AGC (Accelerated Global Connections) - Taking the Leap - The Case for Community

Women's Summit - Go For a Walk In Your Pajamas

Interview with Michelle Maidenberg - Where Do We Want to Be Moving Towards Post COVID