If you have ever thought of personal training as the trainer yelling at the person to do more reps, or a strict diet plan or simply an environment of misery - this is NOT that.

My main hopes for you are:

  • You can get up and down off the toilet for the rest of your life.
  • That you don't have to think twice about going down to the floor because you're worried about getting back up.
  • You feel strong going up and down stairs.
  • You can hike and be outside with ease and endurance.
  • That you learn how to do a push up.
  • You understand the basic fundamentals of moving your body.


The one about the toilet is my #1 main goal- for real.


Personal training with me is centered around learning the basics of movement and how your body works, how to get stronger and that you have FUN while you're doing it.


Fun fact - my clients all range from age 50-85 and most have been with me 10+ years consistently.


Because we focus on life, becoming strong to support what you do outside of the gym and we make working out and training FUN.


I work with clients in 2 different capacities- 1-1 training and group personal training.


Both of these options are via zoom and I am thrilled to say that after March 2020, my clients did not bat an eye and we kept our training going.



1-1 Individual Training

This is for you if:

  • You prefer individual over group
  • You desire individual focus on any injuries or preferences you may have
  • You are looking for a trainer who will listen to your needs and wants and will be a supportive partner


Group Personal Training

This is for you if:

  • You like interacting and being around others (yes, even on zoom)
  • You find energy from being around others
  • You feel confident in your ability to do the movements without a specific eye on you at all times


Group Personal Training Class Times:

  • Thursday's 530pm CST
  • Sunday's 830am CST

Many of my clients do a combination of 1-1 training and group. You and I will work together to design your ideal combination to support your life and your wellness.

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A few client testimonials from the last 15 years


Working with Lindsey as a personal trainer has many benefits.  During the hour with Lindsey, she is focused entirely on you.  This assures correct bodily alignment which not only protects against injury, but also truly builds strength.  All the muscle groups are exercised in a healthy sequence. The session, which is structured for  your age,  ability and energy level on a given day,  includes cardio, weight and balance exercises during which Lindsey will  always challenge you to do just a little more.

On a personal level while a stronger body was my goal, I have found that the greatest benefit is the mental growth that happens when you spend one on one time with Lindsey.  Her positive energy is infectious. She is an excellent trainer and an insightful coach.  She has enabled me to discover my strengths and abilities and to find the courage to pursue them both in the gym and in life.-

Ellen B, Plymouth MN

Lindsey facilitated a 6:00 a.m. group workout class that I attended for several years. From the beginning of the class, Lindsey’s enthusiasm, motivation, and knowledge of physiology was over the top. Through the course of several years, Lindsey helped teach me several things about my health, my physical fitness, and my nutrition. She did this in a fun and engaging way that made it interesting, very informative, and really helped change how I looked at exercise and nutrition.

Lindsey is really good at pushing you, but in a gentle way that keeps you motivated and moving forward, but is not overbearing.

It is without hesitation that I would refer a friend to Lindsey for personal training. She keeps the training lively, fun, and engaging. She's the best!

Mike, St Louis Park, MN

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