The 3 P’s – Pink Drink, Probiotics, and Plexus

I didn’t want to believe. I am a skeptic at heart – especially when it comes to supplements.

Plus – that pink drink is called “Slim.” UGH. But I had really run out of reasons to be skeptical and I was feeling so sluggish and not right in my body.

Since World’s Toughest Mudder back in November 2015, I haven’t felt the same. My suspicion was I had built up inflammation and crud that just never had gone away.

  • My eating had been back on track
  • I drink a lot of water
  • I work out
  • I take rest days
  • I do the sauna
  • I avoid most gluten

Why couldn’t I lose the pounds and feel back to normal in my body??


So I decided to try the Plexus TriPlex products.

  • Slim (the pink drink)
  • ProBio 5 (probiotics)
  • Bio Cleanse (magnesium)

I feel amazing. Instantly I had more stable energy throughout the day. My head felt less foggy. My digestion and poop had normalized (I was actually pooping turds). Did you know runny poop is not normal? Constipation is not normal? More on that to come. I also lost the stubborn 5 lbs.

A few details:

The pink drink Slim helps combat inflammation and regulate blood sugar. The key ingredients are Chromium and ALA (Alpha Lipoid Acid)

The ProBio 5 has 5 strains of good bacteria but also helps to break up and get rid of the bad bacteria.

Bio Cleanse does exactly that – helps to cleanse. It also oxygenates and cleanse your arteries as well as your intestinal tract.

Would you like to learn more??

Until May 15th, you are invited to a complimentary consultation – ask me anything. This can be in person or on the phone. EMAIL ME at  to schedule your appointment.

If you are local to Minneapolis, I am having a party to talk about all things “P” on Wednesday May 11th – more details to come.


I am thrilled to share my experience with you and take you on this journey with me.



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