Confessions from a Personal Trainer: I ate a donut, a cookie, a cookie sandwich and Chipotle all in one afternoon

By Lindsey Heiserman / December 29, 2015

Where every Tuesday, I confess. *This is the fifth confession sent to my email subscribers. If you’d like the most current confessions sent straight to your inbox in real time, head to my homepage, sign up, and download your free gift.* Confession – I ate half of all of the treats in the picture, an ice…

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Confessions from a Personal Trainer: The Effects of Stress and Sleep are REAL

By Lindsey Heiserman / December 15, 2015

Where every Tuesday: I confess. *I wrote this post in my e-newsletter in May 2015. It is the very first blog post of my True Confessions.* This first edition is all about what has happened in the last 6 weeks or so since I left my full time job. And remember – I love coffee –…

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