Interview With Robin Legat – From Business Owner to Employee

Did you catch the last podcast episode with Stephanie?? You can listen to it HERE.   (read more HERE). Stephanie and I had a very honest talk about her experience as a business owner for years, through the pandemic and her return to a teaching career while still running her gym.

In this episode we discuss:

This week I am talking with my friend Robin who has been a fitness coach for over 10 years, owned a gym, closed it during the pandemic, started her online business and is now a full time employee with a job perfectly created for her.

I have seen many of my business owner friends return to employment for a variety of reasons but I don't see many people talking about it. And if I'm being honest, I sometimes think about it. It has been a great experience to talk to two people I trust about what they have gone through.

Whether employment is on your horizon or not, this is a very fun episode.

Another fun fact about Robin and her business - she won't let me be on her podcast "Seasoned Athletes" because I'm not quite 40 and she highlights athletes over age 40!

I hope you enjoy this episode.


Robin Legat helps women over 40 who are feeling old gain confidence, overcome life’s obstacles and look, feel and live AGELESS. She does this through online coaching, workshops and events designed to help women embrace their athletic potential and move from feeling old to living BOLD.

She also hosts the Seasoned Athlete Podcast, which features interviews with athletes over 40 with a focus on helping people pursue bold athletic and fitness goals at any age.

Robin herself is a later-in-life athlete who spent eleven years as a roller derby skater before becoming an obstacle racer in her forties. In the last six years, Robin has completed over 60 Spartan Races and has stood on multiple age group podiums.

By doing so, she has experienced first-hand the far-reaching benefits of athletic aging for physical, mental and emotional health, and her passion is helping other women do the same.

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Season 3, Episode 22. Interview With Robin Legat "Business Owner Turned Employee"


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