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Robin Legat helps women over 40 who are feeling old gain confidence, overcome life’s obstacles and look, feel and live AGELESS. She does this through online coaching, workshops and events designed to help women embrace their athletic potential and move from feeling old to living BOLD. She also hosts the Seasoned Athlete Podcast, which features interviews with athletes over 40 with a focus on helping people pursue bold athletic and fitness goals at any age.

Robin herself is a later-in-life athlete who spent eleven years as a roller derby skater before becoming an obstacle racer in her forties. In the last six years, Robin has completed over 60 Spartan Races and has stood on multiple age group podiums. By doing so, she has experienced first-hand the far-reaching benefits of athletic aging for physical, mental and emotional health, and her passion is helping other women do the same.

5 Things Robin LOVES About Business

1. The opportunity to serve an audience that is under-served
2. Knowing that the work I do creates impact and can directly change lives
3. The ability to control my schedule and decide when I work, when I take calls, and when to take time off (including spontaneous time off - like if I want to go roller skating at the beach in the middle of the day, I can make that happen)
4. Forces me to be in a place of continual learning, which I actually like. I do well when my brain is engaged, and I feel like that is always happening as a business owner. I have to learn every aspect of running a business, even if I choose to eventually pass it off to someone else.
5. On a similar topic, it feels good to hire other people to support me and know that I'm able to impact people's lives in that way.

Get to Know Robin

  • I played roller derby with the LA Derby Dolls from 2003-2014. I was a founding team captain and my team, the Tough Cookies, would eventually be used as the inspiration for the Hurl Scouts team in the movie Whip It.
  • I was on The Bachelor. (I like to just lead with that - but the full story is that I was on one episode as a coach for a roller derby group date).
  • I was an alternative radio DJ from 1996-2002, and had the opportunity to meet and interview many artists from the era over the years.
  • I was once hired to be the backup roller skating ghost for a Pac-Man themed Bud Light Super Bowl commercial. They built a life-sized Pac Man game board in Downtown Los Angeles and I spent several days rehearsing with the main ghosts. I was there just in case one of them got injured under the 50lb ghost costume. I was not in the final commercial, but did get to roll around on set during the shoot.
  • I am obsessed with the 80s and went on The 80s Cruise from 2016-2019. My husband and I went all-out on theme costumes and became known for our creativity over the years. We finally won the costume contest in 2019 when we dressed up as life-sized Wheaties boxes (I was Mary Lou Retton and he was Pete Rose - we had giant Wheaties boxes attached to our backs).

5 Things Robin Does NOT Love About Business

  1. Financial instability! It's tough not knowing how much money is coming in month to month.
  2. The constant experimentation. It can be challenging to put a lot of work (and love) into creating a new product or service only to have it not land or not sell. Having a business requires a ton of patience, of which I usually have a lot...but not always.
  3. The emotional rollercoaster of being a business owner. When you're fully invested and passionate about your business, it can be hard not to take failures or setbacks personally. So good days feel really good, and set backs can feel like a gut punch. I'm working on it, but it can be a tough thing to just let go of.
  4. The downside to having full control of my schedule is the need for self-discipline to get stuff done (especially when a nap sounds way more enticing)
  5. Having to be in charge of all the things - particularly when there are SO MANY THINGS. I have minimal help so I definitely feel like I'm juggling a lot of balls most of the time. And I'm not a particularly skilled juggler! 🙂

"What you wish you knew before starting a business?"

This is a tough question to answer, because there are SO MANY THINGS. But maybe that business evolves, and in a few years my business would look nothing like it did when it started. And that's okay. Oh, and I wish I knew about automation.

Resources From Robin

Off The Couch Starter Pack, for people who have fallen out of their fitness routine and need a fun little kickstart to get back in the game.

It includes 4 30-ish minute bodyweight workouts, 2 dynamic stretching recovery routines - and fun retro Spotify playlists to go with each. Get it at

I'm also doing a series of live workouts + workshops called Seasoned Athlete Live: START LINE STRONG. This event is all about giving you movements and strategies that will help you train, fuel, and prep for your first obstacle race, your next race, or your best race. Find it at

Robin Legat