Personal Trainer Career – Is it Possible? What Can it Look Like?

Is it possible to have a career as a personal trainer? To be in the industry for more than a year? To retain clients and build a success business?

The average career span of a personal trainer is SHORT...with many not even making it past a year. But for some of us, it truly is a calling and we have created a long term career helping people move their bodies and so much more.


I invited Holly and Peter onto the podcast so we could chat about all things personal training, being a business owner and some of our favorite stories from over the years.

On this episode we talk about:

  • How we each got into the industry
  • Our unique journeys to business ownership
  • Why Holly & Peter each opened their own gym space
  • The things we love and hate about business ownership
  • Our favorite stories from clients
  • Why personal training is such an important career
  • What people get wrong about our profession
  • And so much more
Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview with Holly Janiszewski and Peter Elsham

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Listen to the episode below:

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