Life Coaching- In Transition

You know the feeling. The suspicious feeling that life isn't what you thought it would be or "should be" but you can't quite put your finger on why it's like that or what to do about it.

The uncomfortableness comes in waves. Some days you feel fine and other days it's like you're ready to light a match and set it all on fire.


And then one day you get so sick of your own bullshit (a quote from one of my life coaching clients) that you reach out to me and say "I'm not sure exactly what I want or need" but it's something. Help me."


Sound familiar? 


Clients come to me for life coaching seeking a few things:

  • Guidance and direction on next steps
  • Reassurance that they can figure it out
  • Steps to get there
  • Comfort in the process

It's almost always at a time of transition......

Transitions in life like:

  • Kids going on to college - empty nester - who am I now?
  • Job transition - I want to move on to something - I have no idea what
  • Location transition - moving to a new place - how do I adjust? How do I find myself in this new place?
  • People transition - my marriage or partnership is evolving - how do I evolve with it?
  • My kids are struggling with their transitions - how do I help them?
  • The pandemic has left me feeling like I don't know what I want at all - but I desire help and support

And the biggest one of all ..........


I don't feel like ME - what is going on? And what do I do?

"After retiring, downsizing and moving to a new city I reached out to Lindsey for help with the transition to a new life.  Lindsey’s insightfulness is her greatest strength and she is very good at seeing things that others don’t see for themselves.

She listened and helped me to think about the life I want in my retirement and what to add or subtract to get that life.   I have been able to overcome the “stuck” parts of my life and experience positive changes in myself and relationships with family and friends." - Kathy 

How does life coaching work?

Life coaching is a partnership between you and me. The sessions are conversational but I guide them with thought provoking questions designed to have you dig a little deeper for your own answers.

  • It is holistic and all life encompassing. I believe that you are a full spectrum human being and so we will talk about all aspects of your life because they are intertwined.
  • Sessions are fun and typically full of laughs. With a lot of realness and honesty.
  • Together we will discover your values, your strengths and your vision for your future.
  • I ask permission from you to venture into particular topics because I respect your boundaries (and because coaching is different than therapy)

"I’ve worked with Lindsey for over 5 years now. Initially, I started working with her as a personal trainer to get in better physical shape.  In our sessions, we had many discussions about life, goals, attitude, expectations and more.  I came to realize Lindsey had so much more to offer than just physical training, she also had an incredible amount of insight and the ability to get into my head.  

It’s in those conversations that things really started to change for me!  She challenged me physically, mentally and spiritually; asking probing questions and providing useful tidbits and resources to help me dive deeper into what was really hindering me and also what would help to drive me. 

Her life coaching has helped me overcome some of the obstacles in my life and open doors of freedom & better health all around!  I highly recommend letting her help you become the best version of YOU." - April

Are you seeing and feeling yourself in these stories from clients? They are people just like you who knew and felt something was "off" or they were on the verge of taking a hard right turn. And they knew they desired support, guidance and partnership to walk through it.


Instead of making the same New Year's resolutions this year, what if you decided to invest in life coaching?

Let's Get Started

To get started with life coaching, you'll do a 3 session starter package and together we will evaluate your next steps and decide what works best.


The coaching package includes:

  • 3 1-1 life coaching sessions. We will start in January and they will be spaced 2 weeks apart. The sessions are on Zoom.


  • A journaling exercise to be completed on your own before the sessions start. I will send you some prompts to reflect on and you will send back your responses. This gives me time to reflect on what you're looking to get from life coaching before we start.


  • Cost is $750. You can pay at once HERE or split into two payments HERE.

What happens next?

Once your payment goes through, you will receive your journaling exercise and a link to schedule all 3 of your sessions.

If you're on the fence, feel free to schedule a free call with me and we'll talk to see if coaching is the right fit.



Life coaching is an incredible option for teens that are struggling right now with all the change and transitions as well as college kids and young adults. I support many clients in these stages of life.

I can't wait to partner with you and see where life takes you.

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

Are you still reading??


I have another great client story about coaching through transitions.


The last 10 years have seen multiple transitions in my life. I became a widower at age 49; I left a successful corporate career to buy and operate a small business; and I went from being (seemingly happily) alone to putting a toe in the water of online dating and from there to getting remarried.


Each of these transitions created a new and unfamiliar reality for me. At each step, I have been incredibly fortunate to have Lindsey as my life coach (and personal trainer) to help me navigate them and find answers to the many questions that have come up along the way. Questions like:


  • Could I do more than just “exist” as a sudden widower?
  • How to shut the door on my comfortable corporate career and open one into the unfamiliar world of small business owner?
  • How, as a Baby Boomer, do I learn to manage and embrace new generations of employees who have different priorities and different views about work and success?
  • How, after being fully alone for six years, do I relearn to share my life, and space, with someone new?


Without my regular life coaching sessions with Lindsey, these questions might never have been answered and I surely would have stumbled badly along the way.


Lindsey’s superpower – listening more and talking less – has created a coaching relationship that professional, comfortable, and incredibly productive. A session does not go by without her gently but firmly steering me towards the “real” issue or question, even when I resist going there. At the end of each session, I come away with greater clarity about what to focus on and how to do it.