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I know you. I see you. I was you.


I graduated college with my big girl pants on and headed for my new job, new city, new dog, new apartment and new adventure with all the enthusiasm in the world. And then life slapped me in the face with a nice dose of reality.


All of a sudden I felt lonely, I couldn’t find my way home for months (seriously- my new city was confusing), my job was WAY harder than I expected, I wasn’t making enough money to cover all the bills, and I didn’t really have friends.

It’s FINE. I can handle this. (That’s what I kept telling myself). And I did. My 20’s got better but not without many speed bumps along the way.


  • My job improved but I still wasn’t fulfilled down to my soul.


  • I made more money but still wasn’t able to manage it well.


  • I was a personal trainer but my own health, eating habits and fitness were not on the right track.


  • I was in an amazing new city but struggled to find people who wanted to explore.


  • I wanted desperately to travel, so I did, often with money I didn’t have.


Does this sound like you?


My 20’s were hard. Of course not all the years of my 20’s but MANY OF THEM. In fact for some reason 26 was the worst one. It felt like I should have had it figured out by then – why was I still struggling with the SAME STUFF??

I was in the same job, still not making enough money, still waking up at 5:30am to go to a job that wasn’t my dream, and wondering if it was going to get any better. And that was just part of what was going on.


Let’s flash forward to now. I’m almost 34 (one could say I’m safely out of my 20’s)! One day when I was 31 I decided to leave my job. No safety net, no big padded savings account but I knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted to live life on my terms and help others (you!) in a new way.


When I was struggling in my 20’s part of me knew I wanted some help and the other part of me was so stubborn that I refused to even think I needed any help. So I created for you what I wish someone had created for me.


I created a coaching program. Coaching or “life coaching” is a fancy way of saying  – I’m here to support you, teach you, challenge you and help you create a life you actually want to wake up and work for. Coaching also means I will ask you hard questions and push you to make yourself better.


In my 20’s I was looking for someone who wasn’t my mom or dad, my friends, my boss, my co-workers but someone who would understand what I was going through and help me work my way out.


Good news for you – that person is ME!


I created a place on the internet (because who really wants to go meet in person?) that is FUN and is going to help you dig your way out of the frustrations you have and into a life you are proud of and excited about.  I created this home on the internet so that you can:


  • Figure out what kind of job, career, or self owned business feels good to you and makes you excited to wake up. And then actually go GET THAT JOB.


  • Understand your money – how to pay (all) your bills on time, have some left over and how to make more. We will learn how to create a budget, how to earn MORE money and start to feel better around money.


  • Move out your parents house – you ready?? It can be scary to move out but that’s what we’re here for. We’ll help you figure out all the details (how to find the best roommate, what internet company has the best rates, and help you to actually move to your dream location).


  • Or upgrade your apartment to house or live around the world? Let’s make it happen.


  • Relationships – are you having a hard time with your friends? Or your FAMILY? Relationships change in our 20’s dramatically and sometimes we have to have the hard conversations and the dynamics change.


  • Dating – do you want to date? Fly solo? Have you been really hurt by a previous relationship? Are you in a relationship? Let’s talk about it all and help you understand WHO YOU ARE before you start dating or help you with how you’re showing up in your relationship.


  • Confidence – this is what I lacked the most. I put on a good front but inside stuff didn’t feel right. I felt like I was a different person on the inside than on the outside and I wanted them to match. You have it all inside of you – it’s time to build up your confidence so you can accomplish your goals.


The Kick Ass 20’s Program was born and here are the details:


  • It’s ONLINE so you can stay in your pajamas in your apartment or your parents basement. You can be a part of this community from wherever you are. We are going to meet on ZOOM which is a cool video conferencing software.


  • It’s a GROUP because coming together with other people is so powerful. Even though social media makes it seem like everyone has their shit together – they don’t. Let’s rally together and explode our lives.


  • One hour per week. That’s it. You give me one hour per week of your life and I promise changes will happen.


  • It is $39 per month. This is an ongoing program and is billed every month.


  • Resources. As the program grows we will pool our resources to better help each other. Meaning – do you have a DR that you really like? Let’s add it to a document so other people can easily find a DR. What’s your favorite coffee shop in your town or places to meet up with people? This is going to be your one stop shop to find what you need.


 Are you ready to create your Kick Ass 20s???

Click on the photo below to sign up and get started. This link will take you to the billing page followed by an email page so I can get in contact with you for our sessions!


We start on Wednesday November 1st at 12pm Central


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Do I really need this? I’m doing ok. Yep – I told myself I was doing ok too but deep down I really needed some support. And the hardest thing for me was to admit I needed it. So join us and I promise you wont’ regret it.


  • What if I don’t want to talk and participate in the coaching part?  Here’s the beauty of our weekly group coaching workshop – you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. Showing up is all you have to do. Come, listen, absorb, do the work and keep coming back. I understand not everyone wants to put their private struggles or information out to the world and that’s ok.


  • Can I join at anytime? – You sure can. This program is ongoing and the information and teaching will always be fresh. It’s billed monthly and you can join us at any time-even if it isn’t the first of the month.


  • Can I cancel at anytime? – Also yes. I want you to get the most out of the coaching and if you feel it isn’t right – you can cancel but it does need to be at least 7 days ahead of your billing date.


  • What if I’m good with my money? Do I really need that part of the coaching? – Yes. Everything in your life revolves together and so if one piece is out of balance it can throw it all off. And simply put – we can always improve on all areas of life.


  • What if I want to move from group coaching to 1-1 coaching? – I have a few spots available for private coaching and we can hop on a call to discuss if you’re a great fit.

You ready??  Click below and I’ll see you there.



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