Episode 122: Dr Jesse Lillejord – Chiro For Moms, Business Strategies and Staying True to You


Meet Dr Jesse of Chiro For Moms! It was such a joy to experience her process as a patient and also learn about the origin of her business and the deep passion she has for what she’s doing. If you are local to the Minneapolis area – make sure to go visit her clinic on the west side of town.

Dr Jesse and her team are doing things differently. From the minute you walk in, you feel welcome and at home. The colors are bright and warm, there are toys for all the kids, a private mom and baby room, incredible coffee (she has her own blend) and the treatment room blends with a play space.

Although I am not a mom, I felt very comfortable and Dr Jesse listened to what was going on for me and took me through a mini treatment. I had never done a chiropractic adjustment before and I felt great. She talked me through everything and truly listened.


Chiro For Moms Chiro For Moms



In this Episode We Talk About:


  • Why Dr Jesse started Chiro For Moms
  • Her experience as a practitioner AND a mom
  • The big, HUGE goals for the clinic
  • The monthly classes and educations she provides
  • Being a business owner


Dr Jesse of Chiro For Moms


About Dr Jesse:


Dr Jesse is the founder of CHIRO FOR MOMS. Early in her career she realized that treating women and children was her passion.

She set out to design a clinic experience that addressed both womens’ unique physical needs and their busy schedules. CHIRO FOR MOMS is the result of that vision.

She is a mother of two little girls ( ages seven and five ) and she is married to her best friend ( and childhood sweetheart ), Erik.  They are all the light of her life.

Her life runs on coffee, so you will see many references to this … in fact, she makes it her mission to always have fresh, yummy coffee ready to share in the clinic.

She loves all things that make life meaningful, enjoyable, balanced and happy.  She loves to laugh and DANCE.

If she doesn’t know you already, she looks forward to meeting you … with a big, warm smile ( and perhaps a big cup of coffee ).


Chiro For Moms


Fun Facts About Dr Jesse:


  • Mother of 2 little girls + married to high school sweet heart
  • Love power tools and home reno
  • Calligraphy / sign artist (constantly in training) … most artwork in the office made by me
  • Love sewing / quilting
  • Green thumb… love gardening!



Find Dr Jesse and Chiro For Moms on the Web:


Website/Blog – www.chiroformoms.com

Instagram – www.instagram.com/chiro_for_moms

Facebook – www.facebook.com/chiroformomsclinic/








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