Interview with Karin Nordin – The Science of Behavior Change

Behavior change - in ourselves and others is the topic for this interview with Dr Karin Nordin. I connected with her on Instagram over a post about procrastination (we talk about this in the episode). she knows exactly how you're feeling because she is wicked smart about brains and our relationships to our own brain.

It can feel very frustrating to want to make changes in your life but feel like you're always getting stuck in the same place. Or for many of us in the fitness/wellness profession, we are helping our clients to create behavior change patterns.

This was such a great episode and I share vulnerably at the beginning of the show where I was at mentally when we recorded.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to think about behavior change
  • Simple strategies to create change
  • How to talk to your brain
  • Frustrations, expectations, and shoulds
  • Language within behavior change
  • Goal setting and so much more


Dr. Karin Nordin is a PhD expert in health behavior change, a published researcher on mindset theory, and a current curriculum writer for Precision Nutrition. She is the founder and CEO of her own business, Body Brain Alliance, which provides behavior change coaching for individuals and curriculum design education for business owners.

After teaching at the college level for years and then transitioning into the online coaching industry, she quickly realized that the evidence-based practices for both course design and behavior change were not being taught in an industry that desperately needed them. Now, she’s on a mission to create amazing courses that actually help people change, and to teach other coaches how to do the same thing.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Season 3, Episode 1 - Interview with Karin Nordin. The Science of Behavior Change

Fun Facts About Karin:

  • I have a PhD in health behavior change
  • I have read over 150 self-help books
  • I was a nationally ranked public speaker in college
  • I've been coaching in various ways since 2015
  • I currently am a curriculum writer for Precision Nutrition

Connect with Karin:


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