Confessions From A Personal Trainer: Today is my Half Birthday

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Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: Today is my half birthday!!!

Today is my half birthday

We all know I love my birthday. So over the weekend I celebrated with a little shopping and a pizza!

Last week I wrote about birthdays as an opportunity to look back at what you have accomplished, to celebrate surviving/thriving another year, and to take inventory of how you’ve grown. (Did you miss it? Read it here).

I have been doing some casual research asking people if they like their birthday. It has been a resounding – NO!! Why people? Why??

So, I asked that question. “Why do you not like your birthday?”

And the answer almost 100% of the time was “I don’t like drawing attention to myself.”

One person even said “Well, everyone has one.”

This makes me sad. Because if you don’t celebrate you, who will? And why are we so reluctant to call attention to ourselves for our birthday?? If I can be so bold as to say – I think we don’t celebrate ourselves or call attention to ourselves because we don’t think we’re worth it. And that is simply wrong.

Today I want to encourage you to celebrate YOU!! On your birthday, your half birthday, or any normal day. Take time to celebrate yourself. Go get your favorite latte, take yourself to breakfast, go to a movie, work out, take a nap, go for a walk, play hooky at work ;-), plan a vacation, or so many other things that make you happy.


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