Confessions From A Personal Trainer: The Second Time is Always Easier

True Confession Tuesday:

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: The second time you do something is always easier.

This past weekend I participated in my 2nd Fat Tire Bike Race. In order for you to understand this confession to the max – you’ll need to go back and read a blog from last year about my FIRST fat tire bike race.

It included a temper tantrum and me picking up my bike and throwing it on the ground…..repeatedly.


I like to try new things. But as I mentioned in my previous blog – I also like to be good at the new things I try and when I’m not – I get very frustrated. Can you relate?

This year I approached the race with a different mentality and a mindset of fun. I’d already had the horrible “first experience” and this one I knew would be better.

And it was – I placed 3rd female overall (there were only 5 females but still!)

Also of note – a friend asked me “How have you been training for that race? Have you been riding a mountain bike? Taking spin classes?”  To which I laughed and said “Nope. I like to just go out and try things and have new experiences.”

I find joy in just simply going out and trying new things. And the more I do that, the more value I find in trying things and failing at them. There is however, sometimes a temper tantrum involved.

I failed miserably last year. And whether or not I had placed this year, I had fun. Last year – not so much. I let the overwhelm, the frustration, the anger, and the nervousness over take any sense of fun I could have had. I hated that feeling. Why would I expect that I would instantly and miraculously be good at something I had never tried before?

It would have been easy to abandon the idea of doing another fat tire bike race after last years debacle. We often abandon things we aren’t good at on the first attempt or bottle them up and don’t look back.

The value in our experiences comes from taking inventory of what happened, what role our attitude played, and the outcome. And then taking that information and putting it into play again.

Last year was a terrible outcome (for me) mainly because I had such a terrible attitude.


This is only example. There are endless examples.

  • Have you ever tried a food and hated it? Never tried it again?
  • Have you ever tried an exercise and hated it? Never tried it again?
  • Have you ever failed a class? Then dropped out of school completely?
  • Have you ever gone to a yoga class and couldn’t do any of the poses? Never tried it again?
  • Have you ever gone to a social gathering and felt so uncomfortable that you wanted to leave? And never go back to another social event?
  • And so on and so on


If we learn from our experiences, change our attitude, and go with a different mindset – I promise you – the second time is always easier.

P.S. I’m bursting with excitement and can’t wait to tell you some great news. I have a piece of writing that is about to be published with a major company and I can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!



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