Confessions From A Personal Trainer: Don’t Wish It Was Easy

True Confession Tuesday:

Where every Tuesday: I confess.


Confession: Sometimes you run across a quote and it smacks you right in the face and makes you think.


The other day I randomly found this quote on social media:

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for fewer challenges, wish for more wisdom.” Jim Rohn

Before you keep reading – go back and read the quote slowly and let it sink in.

Hmmm. I have spent a lot of time wishing it was easier, wishing for fewer problems and fewer challenges.

  • Can’t it just be easier?
  • Don’t I deserve for it be easier?
  • Haven’t I worked hard enough already??
  • When’s my lucky break??
  • Why is it so easy for everyone else?
  • Why don’t things just happen?
  • Or…why does all the crappy stuff happen to me and no one else?


Do you feel this way ever or am I alone on this island?? 

It’s really easy to be stuck here because you don’t have to claim any responsibility or learn anything new.

This is SO applicable to my business as I think about the direction I want to go in 2017 and beyond. Lately I have felt like “I wish it were easier, I wish I had fewer problems and challenges.” I have carried around a heavy burden of “why isn’t it flippin’ easier????? That question is getting me nowhere.

I can see where I want to go long term down the road but the road is very windy and treacherous. It doesn’t seem to be a straight, EASY path.

But……….. if we flip this thinking upside and change our viewpoint……

  • I wish I was better – How? In what way? What can I learn? How can I reframe my mindset?
  • I wish for more skills – How can I learn them? Who can teach me? What book can I read? What class can I attend ?
  • I wish for more wisdom – What do I need to learn? How can I open my eyes, ears, and heart?

All of a sudden my mind is open to new and exciting skills (social media marketing, website updating, course creation), an opportunity to dig deeper into myself and search for more personal wisdom to bring to my business and my life and in the end – I will be better. Guaranteed. It won’t be easier but I will be better in the end.

This is not just for business. It applies to relationships, health, fitness, spirituality, finances, and basically everything in life. If you can shift from why isn’t it easy to what can I learn and how can I be better – it creates an opportunity for you to shift your mindset, own your life, and LEARN.

As you move into the New Year and are likely thinking about areas of your life you want to improve, try to incorporate this thinking. It’s much more positive for your brain, your health, and your overall self talk.

I hope you’re having a low stress holiday, taking time for self-care, and enjoying a few treats along the way.

See you next week!


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